The Real Deal & Not a Loyalty Card

Loyalty cards have become an important part of shopping these days because they accrue benefits. The common system here is that for every Kshs 100 you get a point that you can redeem for shopping at a later date. I know people who have cards for every supermarket possible just in case they need to shop. In some respects it has become a must have for many of us and hence we become dedicated to these outlets.

Our loyalty is driven by the expected reward for special offers and the opportunity to redeem the points earned for cash or even school fees later. I realised that this developed an elevated sense of expectation and sense of entitlement with it. So I began looking for other areas in my life that I had developed the same attitude. You can imagine my shock when I found that attitude in my walk with Papa.

When I looked around I found so many interesting thought processes. I found that in some ways my faith was defined by what I didn’t do, say or go and another set of things I did, said and went. I had reduced being a follower of Christ to actions and avoidance. Surely, if that is the extent of my faith it was simple legalism. Ouch!!!! It was clear that over the years I associated the provision of God to an action or behaviour. If that was true then why had my peers made better progress than me and moved ahead? This led to questions like what is wrong with me? What haven’t I done? What did they do? Where did they go right and I go wrong?

This was my subconscious mindset. And it took so long for me to realise this error in my thinking. Suddenly I understood the discontent I had been feeling and could begin to deal with it. In the process, Papa slowly unwrapped some key things for me as follows:

  1. True salvation is not a smart card or loyalty card system. I don’t earn points or bonuses for good behaviour or deeds
  2. No one is inherently good only Papa can make us good
  3. Papa responds several things:
    1. My lifestyle – this is the real me, the me in private not public
    2. A deep desire and pursuit of His face, heart and will
    3. Papa wants us to pour ourselves out for Him and His presence and that alone

Walking with God is so much more than going to church or fellowship; it is more than giving and evangelism even as these are important. I realised that doing all these doesn’t mean I have a real, true and deep relationship with Him. An outward display is totally useless if my heart is lost or disconnected.

I have learnt a few key things:

  • It’s a daily walk, constant communication and learning.
  • True salvation is a relationship with Papa that is fresh and daily and intense.
  • My faith is confirmed by close association with the brethren and great impact in the community.

Walk with me in intense fellowship with Papa.


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