#SimpleThings…..Unconditional Love

The last few weeks have been intense with many experiences. As usual I draw inspiration from my life and this time the experience that has stayed with me is the visits I have made to the Huruma Children’s home. This is a home in Ngong one of the suburbs of Kajiado County. I went there three times in seven days because of work but the experience has stayed with me.

In1989 Mama Zipporah and her husband, Pastor Isaac Kamau, opened their doors to some of the destitute and orphaned children of the Ngong area. They took in seven children to add to their family of five. It was simply out of love and concern for the children rather than an abundance of wealth. This family of twelve loved in a simple mud house for a while as they organized for better accommodation. Huruma Children’s Home now caters for over 150 children, both girls and boys between the ages of 0 and 23 years old.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not putting Mama Zipporah on a pedestal. She is as human as we are yet in her a see a heart and level of compassion I cannot identify with. I wracked my brain and even asked her hoe she does it…her answer was simple….how can I fail to do it? To her the choice to care for the children was the obvious one. Here I admit that it’s not the obvious choice for me. So I spent time with the teachers and some of the children and I realized that indeed this is a safe environment for them. There is order, structure, discipline, life lessons and lots of love.


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