2014 Best year yet for Your Business?

2014 Best Year yet???
I read this and realised that we need to ask questions about how we are assessing our lives so I opted to share and I hope it makes the same kind of sense. I know it is about business but there are such incredible parallels we can find to our lives. The reality is that unless we are looking back and asking and answering questions honestly there is no real level of cmparison or assessment of growth.
Enjoy….it is well worth it


plan track2014 in now in well underway, a question I want you to ask yourself about your business is: How was 2013 for us?

If your answer to this is “it was a GOOD YEAR!” the next question to ask is “What made it a good year?”  Are you able to give feedback on HOW exactly your business performed in 2013?

–       Was there an increase in cash flow over the year? Did you have more income? How did you manage your expenses? Did you make a profit?

–       Did you have more customers / jobs in 2013 than 2012? How many of these were new clients? How many were referrals? How many clients did you lose and why?

–       Were your business processes better in 2013? Did your business Culture and Brand improve over the year?

–       Which was your best quarter in 2013, and why?

The point is…


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