Unseen Foundations

I have been talking about perspectives off late and everyday I see something that builds on the thought. Recently I was listening to a message about wealth transfer. As it started I was debating my mind if there is really something I need to listen to or should I just tune out J. You see so many times we hear the beginning of things and figure it is something we have heard before. It took be a couple of moments of internal conversation to accept that there is a lesson for me in everything, so I tuned my mind back and opened my heart.

As she spoke I begun to think about all the days I have given unconditionally or planted a seed into the service of God and yet nothing outwardly visible had happened yet. I had believed for a greater move of God in my life and somehow I seem to have decided that the move would be visible in my financials. With that said you can now understand why the question that was running through my mind was why hadn’t I seen what I believed would be the manifestation yet? Isn’t this a common question when we are waiting for the fulfilment of God’s word?

As the message went on it became clear that the transfer will indeed come but each of us must be ready and able to handle it or it will bypass us. This caught my attention and made me sit up straight. For the next few minutes I looked at my life and there were things I saw that made me doubt whether I had made any progress. You see, I could not see a major outwardly visible change in my circumstances. Yes I said major outward change. In the past I have shared how I am more aware of what I say and so I was wondering if this was indeed bearing fruit or I was missing something. Why is it so silent in this place?

Suddenly like a lightning bolt it hit me! The situation may seem dire but there are great lessons I have learnt. Yes, there are few outward signs
but the inside was a different issue. There was a lot of work going on inside…daily small things are changing that are adding up bit by bit. As understanding came so did clarity and a big smile. I could see my life flash before my eyes with all the instances where small things had changed in me. Then I saw clearly the long series of seemingly small things that had added up to create larger ones. The change had indeed begun and it has taken root and it is growing.

In that moment another moment of clarity came. In my mind’s eye, I saw an old run down house sitting on a piece of land. The owner of the land has decided to build a ten story building on the land.  However, before this happens there are several things that have to happen. First the site is surveyed and the existing structures are assessed carefully for viability and need. Second, the architect draws a plan based on discussions held with the owner or investor. Third, the existing structure is either stripped or brought down to start the construction. More often than not it is actually pulled down because of age and wear as it would compromise the new structure. Fourth, the land is cleared and the foundation is dug. Fifth, construction happens.

For the purpose of this article I will focus on the fourth point. The land is cleared and the foundation is dug. This is the most critical part of construction because the foundation is what supports the building. When building any kind of building it is important to anchor it firmly on the rock so that it doesn’t sink or collapse; this is the purpose of the foundation.

Courtesy of brian.carr.name

Courtesy of brian.carr.name

As I begun thinking about foundations I found I knew more about foundations that I had ever realised. You see, when I was growing up there was a house in our neighbourhood that had a poor foundation. Initially it wasn’t visible but every year it sunk a little bit more and finally it had a clear tilt to one side. I also remember watching the construction of Times Towers in Nairobi. For the longest time ever all I saw from the outside was the iron sheet fence. Behind the fence I heard heavy machinery working for the longest time ever; if I am right it was over a year before anything was seen above ground.

My realisation was that the taller the building the deeper and stronger the foundation needed to be because it has to bear the weight of the building once it is occupied. Can you imagine the disaster if a building is built but it cannot carry the weight of the people and furniture and fittings that will in the building when they are in use? This kind of strength is first calculated by the building professionals and then ensured by the contractor. The reputation of the professionals is always at stake with the construction.

As I looked back at my life, it struck me that the seeming lack of external evidence is because the internal structure and foundation are currently under construction. The challenges in my life are representative of the construction of the foundation. Like the preparation of the land for construction, there are things in my life that must be removed and dug up from the root so that they are removed completely before anything else can be done. Once all the dirt is out, the next process is to can begin building the supporting walls with reinforced concrete. This was profound because I suddenly realised that we never see the support structures but we know they are there…solid and secure.

Courtey of storyhomes.co.uk

Courtesy of storyhomes.co.uk

So, the seeming lack of external evidence is because there are great things going on internally. I realised that indeed my heart, mind, emotions and desires had indeed been changing. Faith had begun to rise, joy was following, confidence was growing and peace beyond the reaches of my soul was settling. Initially I didn’t think much about these things or even notice them because I was looking for bigger and more obvious things in my life. Suddenly it was as if the scales had fallen off my eyes and I could see that there was indeed something good happening on the inside.

So I ask you the same:

  • Are there things going on in your heart and soul that you aren’t aware of because you are looking for outward evidence?
  • Are you aware of things going on in the deepest recesses of your life that are the stepping-stones for your next level?

I would say that we all need to stop and understand where we are in life and how we will get to the next level and then work hand in hand with God.

Have a blessed week.


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