Nothing without you

I am on an ongoing journey to complete dependance on God. Sometimes I lose focus and got overwhelmed by the things going on in and around me. It creeps In one of those moments recently I just wanted to pack my bag and go home never to reappear then a chat with a dear, dear brother challenged me to change my focus and sent me back to my play list. The song at the top of the list was Nothing Without You by Dr. Tumi. This song flipped my thinking on its head. Look at these simple words…..

If it had not been for the Lord,
Who was always on my side,
The enemy would have swallowed us,
Would have drowned in the waters,
But our souls have found An Escape,
A hiding place in You,
The Fowler’s snare is broken,
Our help is in the Name of the Lord.

And I’m nothing without You, without You,
You are the air that I breathe
Can’t live without You, without You Jesus,
In You I live and move and have my being

Hosanna to Jehovah,
You are the air that I breathe
Hallelujah, hallelujah
In You I live and move and have my being

Could this be true? Is it possible that I am nothing without Him? Do I truly live, move and have my being only in Him? Is it true I can’t live without Him? Can this song be really true? Some scholars say such songs are emotive and cannot be true, that at the very least such thinking is farfetched and romanticised only useful for person to person relationships. Could they be right?

As I listened and allowed my heart to still, I realised that I had a choice to make. In that moment of total albeit temporary despair, I had to make a choice to give up or find a way out. In reality, the only place I could reach was the depths of my heart, but that place was empty, worn out, kaput!!! The only available way out of there was into the hiding place in Him that is based on His word and promise to be with me. The place where I could ask all my questions and face the failures in my life and find acceptance, correction and healing. A place of deep conviction of sin but even deeper conviction of love and compassion. He reminded me that before the foundations of the earth He knew

He reminded me that before the foundations of the earth He knew I would have this very experience this very day but He also knew that if I chose to turn to Him in total awareness that I couldn’t live without Him I would find strength, grace and enabling to come out stronger and better. I remembered Jesus in the Garden when His human spirit was overwhelmed with the reality that He was about to die, He found strength from talking to His father, remembering the love that drove this process and therefore let go of the need to be safe in the hands of the world for the safety in the arms of God based on the divine plan…to save the souls of mankind. He rose a stronger, better man

My hearts cry became that I find that same place and balance in God that He is there no matter what and His plan for me is above all others. I chose to lay down my life once again before Him knowing full well He’s got me covered.


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