Living It Out

For a while now, there have been many ideas turning around in my head. Mostly ideas related to my writing and key steps I need to take to get on with the life I was created to live. I have been so held back it was scary and amazing to realise just how much I have allowed not to happen because of fear. On the outside, I seemed to be moving and growing but my reality on the inside was that I was stalling and bound in place by fear.

This year…the Year of Our Lord 2017 has changed many things for me. It is the year of manifestation and a great giant door that opened and my mind has connected to the reality that I was hiding behind fear. Fear?

Fear? Yes. fear! Fear is that thing that makes you doubt the WORD of God over you and keeps you marching on the spot for a long time or like the children of Israel, walking around a mountain for 40 years. I had looked around and wondered why I seemed so stuck, lost and stagnant. All the messages I had heard and all the truth I knew about God and me; why was I still unable to move a single step. Different things around me were acting like weights to my feet so I couldn’t walk. If I walked, it was painstakingly slow because of the weight I carried in my mind, body and soul.

So what has happened in 2017?

I realised that all I need is God and the ones He has sent to me to walk with me.

This has made me do a few radical things:

  1. Decide to hear God for myself: No longer would I seek counsel from another before seeking the same counsel from God Himself. Since He has a clear path that He would unfold to me as I seek him and spend time with him, I would take advantage of that. This means spending time with Him however as it is the route to success. The choice to follow Him and only His has saved my sanity.
  2. Walk with family: Not everyone around me is in this for the long haul, but everyone has a role. It has become increasingly important to know each person’s role and relate to them accordingly. Family is for the long haul and is on a similar path but will not allow me to short change myself so I chose to engage deeper with them. These are people destined to walk with me and challenge me at every turn so that I can progress and explore possibilities and make life really count. They are honest even when it hurts and burns, are warm and loving. when you need a hug  and they know when and how to provide the needed element. Just to be clear, family isn’t all about biology…it is about appointed people to walk together.
  3. Choose to trust God regardless: This has been the most challenging to start but the most fulfilling to live out in time. Since God is not a man that He should lie or the son of man that He would change His mind, His word is reliable. This means that once HE says it that is not…nothing will change it. The only impediments that can stop His word lie within me. I chose to believe His word even when there is no evidence of anything at work and it is paying off big time.

It came to me that no matter how insignificant I feel and how hard it can be to get up every day, there is good waiting to come out of my life so I must get up and do that which He has said to do for that day. I used to wish that my life was different but I have come to understand that my path is unique and God will not allow me to walk a path that won’t bring Him glory and draw me closer to Himself. HE is God alone and the one who makes things work and work well.

So I choose to love and trust Him no matter what! That is how I will live my life from now henceforth.


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