They Are Watching

I am called to showcase the realities of a consistent life so I must press on and stay the course

Recently I had lunch with friends and as usual I opened the salad page to figure out my meal. It is an restaurant I like so choosing a good meal isn’t too hard. I’m so engrossed in my order that I don’t realise I am being watched. I order a chicken salad with vinegar and olive oil on the side and my friend almost bursts into giggles before she says, ‘I was waiting to see what you would order.’ I laugh because she is one of those who has watched me walk this journey.

As we sat around the table I realised many other things have changed in me. For instance, I no longer have the taste for soda while only 6 months ago I could drink two litres on my own. I no longer tolerate creamy dressings yet I was the main perpetrator of those. I also can’t really tolerate the commercial tomato sauce, ketchup or chilli sauces I prefer chillies cooked down but not the commercially made one.

We are just past the five month mark and my life and body have changed indeed. The thing that got me however is the reality that there are people watching. I have shared goals and progress with everyone who would listen so some people are actively watching what I am doing. I have met others who have noticed a new confidence or change in how I dress, and some are watching closely. But the difference I have noticed is that they aren’t watching to see what will fail but rather to encourage and be encouraged to be consistent.

There is evidence I have changed but I still have some growing to do and I am realising just how dependant I must be on God to live this way for the rest of my days. Coach always says that losing weight isn’t work; the work is maintenance and this week I have realised just how true that is. As I sat having lunch I thought about how easy it is to start something, make progress and then stop when things get hard, but I am called to showcase the realities of a consistent life so I must press on and stay the course.

There is evidence I have changed but I still have some growing to do

That caught me again because my Father in heaven knew that I was the best person for this life and so He gave it to me. He knew that I would build the right support structures and connect to the right people. He knew that I would commit to the process despite the challenges along the way. He knew that I would face every challenge and surmount it all the same every day.

Every good and perfect gift comes from above from the Father of life and the Lord of love…my heavenly Father. Thank you my Father for your faith in me and your strength and love that has come through your children. Thank you that I can count on you every day of my life and I can be sure that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by walking with you.

I press on toward the mark set out for me and run with perseverance the race marked out for me, walking away from the desires that seek to ensnare me and strengthened by the power and might of God. I will never give up because he loved me enough to lay his life down for me.

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