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Little Steps

God makes it easy for us

He breaks the journey down

Little bits, little steps

Steps that are small enough

tiny enough for us to handle

without giving up entirely.

There can be many instances to give up

Ah but God…

Oh God is so amazing

He picks us up

In moments of despair

In moments of defeat

In moments of weakness

Oh, He picks us up

He finds us in the storm

He finds us in the pit

He finds us in the dark

He finds us in the desert

He finds us in the rain

He finds us on the mountain

Oh, He picks us up

A life beyond your wildest dreams.

Let me tell you what happens when you submit to God’s will and leave everything to Him – and I mean every little detail. When you let Him choose for you, when you yield so that He can grant you the privilege of Him directing your life… Oh my! You end up living a life that is beyond your wildest dreams or expectations.

You end up on adventures, camping out in special places where you discover that leopards and hyenas roam by night!!!! Then you discover that there are black warrior moran angels sent to protect you. Ai God!

You end up on journeys of the mind and the heart and the spirit man that stretch you beyond belief but leave you anticipating the more that God can do. Understanding just how much you had limited Him till now.

You end up with that special person – that mysterious gift sent by God that He uses to tear you out of mindsets and places and spaces that would have kept you limited and bound – and stuck in the mundane.

You end up free and able to see once again – able to take flight, to believe, to trust, to dare… and you climb to the highest heights imaginable.

Oh I thank You God, our precious Father, redeemer and strength for surely You have done amazing and wondrous things. You have become our song, our steadfast rock, our still waters, our all in all.

Chioma Phillips


As I read the piece by Chioma I could not help but wonder if I had really found that kind of trust and belief she is talking about. Though I have believed before, there were so many questions and I didn’t have answers to all of them. For instance

  • Do I trust God absolutely?
  • Do I respond to His word immediately or do I negotiate?
  • Has trust changed my view of God and the world?
  • Is my life becoming proof of my walk with God?
  • Am I committed to remain in the place and posture of growth?
  • Is my walk with God producing daily change?

This is a jarring series of thoughts at the start of the year but what better time to shift deeper?

Join me thinking about this and let’s have some honest conversations.


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Chioma Phillips is the Editor of Msingi Afrika Magazine and the host of Msingi Afrika Television. Her hope is to see the Truth shared, with all who will listen, for the transformation of the people and the continent of Afrika – and the world. She believes passionately in the critical role that Afrika and Afrikans have to play on earth right now and hopes to ignite the spark that will cause them to see and believe who they are, so that they can live out their Truest lives for the remainder of their days.

The Anomaly

I’ve tried to fit in all my life 

I’ve tried to follow the common path 

I’ve tried to think like the crowd 

My oh my, I’ve failed every time 


I’ve tried to be politically correct 

I’ve tried to be socially appropriate

I’ve tried to live like others

My oh my, I’ve failed every time 


I have strong opinions

I have diverse perspectives 

I have tonnes of question 

I have deep silences


I feel every rejection

I sense people’s feelings

I see the struggle to align

I know the battle


I have no qualms speaking my truth

I have no challenge apologizing

I have no problem admitting I don’t know 

I’m learning to ask for help


I walk away and don’t look back

I weigh my words but don’t remain silent

I judge your actions and responses to me

I preserve my heart 


Everyone has a fair chance

To speak their truth

To challenge my position

To show their true self 

To understand my heart 


Everyone has a fair chance

To teach me something new

To chart a new path

To change their corner of the world


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Make a choice daily

Everything happens and works out for my good according to the plans and purposes of God and my living out my life. It is no longer enough to just be saved and going to heaven. Our lives must produce more of God every day or at least remain like him so that our walk would not be in vain.

As I write this, I am reminded of how everyone who did anything significant for God in scripture, had an encounter with God and changed permanently.

Abram became Abraham the father of nations and we are still his lineage. Sarai became Sarah, the mother of nations. Daniel and the three Hebrew boys were committed to their walk with God they could only be accused of sin aligned with their faith like when they prayed and who they obeyed. They were willing to lay their lives down for this God even if they couldn’t guarantee he would come through for them, and God showed up in full force.

Jeremiah believed in his calling and accepted it after the encounter in Jeremiah 1:1, and nothing remained the same. Ruth listened and acted in accordance with Naomi’s instructions, and she became part of the lineage of Christ. Rahab the prostitute identified the spies as spiritual men and stood in the gap for them providing cover and a way out for them and salvation for her whole family. She was also mentioned in the genealogy of Christ. Peter was transformed from a scared man who denied his Lord to the leader of the largest evangelism campaign ever seen in that day.

Saul had a transformational encounter on the road to Damascus that shifted him from a devout pharisee to a leading follower of Christ and the greatest missionary to the Gentiles in his day. Stephen was identified as an honourable man and given responsibilities that he did diligently until the day he was stoned. He did not flinch or run from the stoning rather held onto his love for God and the vision he saw of the heavens as they slew him.

Several times I have asked myself, why did they have such major transformations yet so many of us today seem to have more of a lip service commitment to God. We go through a spot or stretch of trouble, and we doubt the goodness of God yet no one, and I mean absolutely no one, who did anything of “maana” that is, worth, for God had it easy. I do not discount that sometimes life is hard, and the road is dark but surely, I say to myself, if Christ could be sweating blood and in distress when he was in Gethsemane praying, what makes me think I won’t have days like that?

I too struggle with the walk because there are parts of me that are still coming into alignment. I recently was having a period of feeling overwhelmed and as I went for a walk alone in the evening, I realised that I need to commit to simple daily actions and be consistent until that matter changed and the move to the next one. I realised that impatience and frustration will only bar me from becoming all I need to be because I must BECOME who he says I am before I can DO what he needs me to accomplish in His name.

I choose simple, daily actions so I can grow.


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It’s time to sit down

As we start the New Year, it is important to take time to prepare for the days coming if you didn’t do that before 2021 closed. We must be careful to prepare ahead for the days to come. Let’s take time to stop, breathe deep, then take time to sit…not just sit but sit and do something as we sit


For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it— lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him,

Luke 14:28-29


By Collins Ambani.

Brethren, this is that time of the year wherein a lot of activities place a high demand on your time. It’s also a time a number of Ministers engage in retreats and prayers for the new year.

Now listen!

Whether you are going in for a personal retreat or you are staying home, it is advised you take out time to sit down.

What are you sitting for?

Sit down to review the year. Your programs, time usage, relationships, and directions where you expended resources. This also affords you the opportunity to determine what to stop, minimize, increase, or introduce.

Sit down to plan. Many young ministers do not have a problem with praying for hours but many have little value for planning. Prayers become mere physical and emotional exercises where they are not directed to push a plan. Plan your year!

Sit down to listen to the right instructions from tested instructors through audio/video material. Quality instructions are the building blocks of great ventures. They help generate quality ideas.

Sit down to read that necessary book and plan out your book reading schedule for next year.

Sit down to know who shouldn’t belong to your inner circle this year. There are people you must consciously offload if you must make progress. They are like Jonahs who will never allow a smooth journey with their presence.

Sit down to re-evaluate the impact of your presence in the organization, community, or city where you are. This helps you to re-strategize in your program focus as will be directed by The Holy Spirit.

Sit down to set goals and pursuits -get spiritual, financial, and numerical goals and pursuits in the coming year.

Sit down to know the mentors you need to actualize your set goals. This will also help you to stop running around every ‘anointed’ man of God for Impartation and ‘grace tapping’ The truth remains, you don’t need everyone. Find the ones you need.

Sit down to know what skills or training will enhance your assignment and pursue its acquisition.

Sit down to know what percentage of your income goes out to God, charity, parents, and prophets.

The only way to escape a life of mockery is to first sit down. Many are always too much in a hurry to pursue without considering sitting down first hence, the abundance of littleness and disappointments at the end.

If you can very well sit down, when you stand, people must notice your rising hallelujah!


Shalom!!! Blessed 2021

Oh Lord We Give You Thanks

Our father and Our God, We thank you

This 31st day of December 2021,

The year is a wrap

We come to you with a grateful heart.


We thank you for your protection

You have been with us every single day

We thank you for sustenance,

You have kept us alive


We thank you for provision,

You have supplied all our needs

We thank you for peace

You have surpassed the understanding of men,


We thank you for your sufficient grace and mercy

You have given us multiple chances

We thank you for work and for business

You have created opportunities for us

We thank you for the gift of friendship, for family and for our loved ones

You have preserved our communities


Lord all we can and are saying is


Thank You

Thank you.


Be exalted and be glorified in our lives

Be lifted high above the earth

You are God and you will always be


We trust you

We believe in you

We hold onto you

We rest in your love


By your grace and mercy

In Jesus mighty name we pray and believe



By Tim Mjete a prolific writer, lover of God, encourager and gracious believer

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Find Your Place & Build

A recent trip with the young King to the coast was a game-changer like nothing I have ever known. IT all started with a simple conversation in early December that made the trip an urgent reality. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and noticed a food post from a friend. I said we are coming to eat, and he said please make sure you come and thus the plan for the visit took shape. The young king mentioned that Christmas is coming up and schools open right after that so if we didn’t go ASAP, we would miss out. So we planned and off we went.

It was the most off the cuff trip I had taken. The plans for the day crystallised in the morning based on conversations or activities of the day before and finalised based on the needed budget and funds at hand. Some days were spent lazily in the pool or on the beach, others were filled with visits, car rides, food tastings and social gatherings.

It also opened so many things for me to learn as I had time outside my normal routine to really process life. This was the first time I have fully stepped out of work in two years, and it was transformational. It reminded me why it is important to reset often to be more effective at everything we do. This season of reflection taught me a few things

Rest: Even though we spend a lot of the year working and running, we just have to find time in the year to rest. Contrary to the thought that rest is only sleeping, it takes different forms. In fact, I recently found an article that explained rest very simply and highlighted the seven kinds of rest that will help us be truly rested and refreshed. I found stillness, deep sleep, time to meditate, and a connection to nature. Let’s make time to rest

Community: No man is an island because refreshment and wholeness truly comes when we feel like we are part of a community. A community can be family but doesn’t have to be family only. I personally found rest in hanging out with dear ones who were interested in knowing my heart and showing me their heart. I made new friends with locals who guided us through different experiences, conversations and laughter. Community brings healing.

Stillness: One of my best experiences was sitting in a warm pool of salty water at the mouth of Kongo River in Diani. I sat there, floating in the waves, sinking my feet in the sand just sipping ‘madafu’. The sun was hot, the wind was cool, the water was gentle near me but waves were rushing in a short distance away. I sat there until my heart stilled, my mind cleared, my spirit settled and I truly began to rest.

Honesty: It is easy to hide and put on a face of all is well and even lie to ourselves, therefore self-honesty has been my greatest realisation. I didn’t have to eat if I’m not hungry or go out if I didn’t want to. The first place of honesty is to myself to accept that something doesn’t resonate. It brought to the surface all the things I have done in the past JUST because it was expected of me. Not happening anymore…I am done.

Self-love: To love oneself is to be aware of who you are, what you need and how to get it. To love self is taking time out to recharge and grow. To love oneself is to be conscious of your boundaries and enforce them.

I have begun the reset. I have begun to listen deeper to my soul and spirit. I have reconnected to my path of growth. I have learnt to choose myself. I have learnt to make time and room for meditation and growth.

The coming year will be pivotal and I am building the reserves I need for the journey. Join me!!! Make your choice, take your place and build along the path you know you should be on.

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My Safe Space

Every so often we find ourselves in spaces of deep reflections and hard realisations…life is often harder than we expect and we must find ways to deal. Some go silent, others get loud. Some drink the stress away, others fight and quarrel. Some recoil others uncoil…these are the reflections of one choosing silence as their route.


They don’t care, so why do you

They don’t look, you definitely do

They haven’t said a word, you want to

But the truth is, they don’t care about you


You want to tell the whole truth,

Want to tell their truth,

They say it sets you free, the truth

But they lied about that too…..


It breaks and crashes

The truth steals and snatches

It tears homes apart

The truth will break your heart


It then sits back and watches

What its done come to play

Laughing at all the carnage

It causes from day to day


These scratches are killing me

My skin is bruised

Untold truths are eating me

Opening new wounds


I wish they would take a minute

And realize, that I’m not okay

That they are killing me

That you are dying on the inside


But I know that they won’t see

Because love isn’t in their league

Friendship is just another way

To please their needs


That’s not how it works for me,

So I’ll just sit here

Find comfort in the quiet

Drowning in the silence


This is how it’s always been

How it will always be

Just me in my own world

That much is my clarity


My books my safe place

My mind my prison

Society my deathbed

This world, got the best of me


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Eri.G is an upcoming writer and poet…

The Dream Is Free: The Hustle Is Sold Separately.

Every so often, I come across pieces that say something more eloquently than I can and I share them. Atieno challenged many of my thoughts and reminded me of some important principles that I could apply in life, so I will share her story here


The Dream Is Free – The Hustle Is Sold Separately!
By Atieno Ayegba
Today this road got me reflecting on when I first came to Atl and also when I landed in the USA in Miami. Well…I am back to my stomping ground …but 1st let me take you back before we come to this here.

New in the USA, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to take on the world (ok…well the USA…that part of the world). Much as I was excited about this beautiful country the reality of the expenses and how to survive was really real. Ex-Hubby and I started off at a Motel, which got costly, so we later moved into an efficiency, that was a lot cheaper, thank God. We could afford it. Was so cheap that as you paid weekly rent, you also got a mousetrap. 🙂

It was one bedroom which meant the bathroom sink was also the kitchen sink. No cooker, so trust I can make several delicious meals in a microwave.
Sometimes the mice used to try and munch on our cereal as we slept. Interesting times those were. I remember loving to walk to the library to use the computer to email and pick out books to read. At some point finally, we were able to save up and buy a car but unfortunately, my dad died, so with the savings, Ex-Hubby bought my ticket to go back home and bury my dad. He bought a bicycle for his means of transport to work as he had gotten a job where he needed to be at work by 3.30am-4.00am and no busses ran then, so bicycle to work it was.

We decided to move to Atlanta but in parts. He stayed in MIA to keep the income flowing and I came to Atlanta to try my luck and if all worked out he would join me. A wonderful friend Jacky Kio had sung ATL praises and I was like… Why not try it?
I was lucky to get a job at a hotel at the end of this road as a front desk agent and soon after a Mortgage company also got me on as a receptionist. I later moved into the closing department due to my hunger to learn. So 2 jobs, no car but with determination to make it. I remember waking up at 5am to catch the bus to be at job 1 by 7am. Then rushing out at 5pm…..running up the hill to catch a bus to the train/bus station to run up another hill change into my front desk uniform and try to hit the desk by 5.30pm -5.45pm. I typically did that shift to 11.30pm, walked to the train/bus station and went home and rinsed and repeated the routine again.

Today I am back on the same road, rinse and repeating again. This time, I get up at 4.45am…drive from my home to my personal trainer’s training studio. Get there approximately by 5.45am and super excited for the fitness beat down.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Start from where you are with what you have.
  2. Don’t give up. The dream is YOURS….do whatever YOU need to do for YOU. I started my American dream life in the deep ghetto, some guys would do it that way, others not so much which is fine. The journey was/is mine…I made it work for me.
  3. Little by little, things come together. Just take one step at a time. If you fail, fail forward.
  4. To resilience n grit, add humility, the ability to survive the school of hard knocks and a plan….typically, things work one way or another.
  5. To those starting from zero or even negative: push through: stay the course, typically things turn around. Also while in your journey, whatever portion of it you are in, look for things to be grateful for. It’s funny that even when it is raining you can learn to dance and just because you are on the journey, this doesn’t mean it is bad; you are just where you are when you are and that’s OK too.
  6. Build those inner qualities in you like grit. resilience etc, add peace & joy they too go a long way. Then just be a good human.
  7. God is present.
  8. Stay grounded. Stay focused. Keep your eyes on the prize. (Whatever your prize looks like).
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Atieno Ayegba is a Sr. IT Information Security Tech Analyst| SAP Security| S/4 Hana| Fiori| GRC| CyberSecurity| Mentor -Careers in Tech & Cyber-Security|SOX COMPLIANCE| AUDIT| CONTROLS, bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast.


By Eri.G

Two faced

Everyone is two faced

Everyone is fake

Everyone always wants it their way


If you have something to say

Say it to my face

If there’s something you’ve been hearing

Shut me up and make me listen

Stop talking behind my back

Stand up and be a man


Stop the group lies

Put an end to the group chats

I honestly thought we had grown

That we were bigger, better than that

That we’ve matured enough to know

It’s time to let this go


The mindless conversations

The constant broken telephone

The senseless way we pass it on

The way no one ever goes to the source


Do we ever just sit back and listen

To all the crap we constantly take in

The edited versions

The ones with the cut out portions

Do we ever really question its quality


We don’t because that’s not what matters

Just as long as we have the tea

No one cares about what’s missing

We all just want the juicy sweet


But the minute the table is turned

Faces shift, some cease

It switches to become,

‘Why you always out for me?’


DEsign by Akiko Stories

Eri.G is an upcoming Kenya writer committed to honest self-expression