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Friends Before Family

This season I have had disturbing conversations about friendship.

My heart breaks over and over hearing people talking about the pain of relationships in the time of hardships. I have been blessed to have long lasting relationships that are judgement free but deeply accountable and I have been judged and denounced by those I thought were friends. True friendship is intense and often hard to maintain because it needs extreme vulnerability that keep it alive. The hidden truth is that you cannot have many of these deep relationships. You cannot be naked and unashamed with many people.

Friendship is the foundation of all relationships even in the family. Just because we are born of the same father and mother and raised in the same home does not mean we are automatically friends; friendship must be cultivated. Many of us are closer to our friends when things are good and when trouble shows up things change. As a result, we often say that family sticks closer even in times of need, but I do not really agree because of the things I have seen around me. Friendship is foundational for a stable life.

Let me explain what broke my heart…

The heart-breaking side of the conversations I had was summed up here, ‘…people tend to leave when they don’t want to deal with other people’s issues.’ Yes, they get up and vamoose; gone, left, never to return. I have heard of many who have lost livelihoods and income and impact only to lose their ‘friends and family connections.’ If your family or friends walk away because you can no longer meet their needs or hang out with them, were they really friends and family? You judge that!!

I remember a few years ago when my own life fell apart. The business tanked, finances fled through every open window and door and I was marooned in the house. I already knew that though I live less than 20km outside Nairobi, most people thought I lived too far so no one would come to see me. I knew that most people believed that I was from an established family, married into a stable one and I was most likely to succeed so they couldn’t reconcile the place I was.

The truth was so far from their thoughts.

Worse still, I was angry!!! Oh boy, angry at God for letting me down, at myself for failing, at the world for not knowing me, at everything including those who were enjoying their lives. The things going on around me left me so bruised and broken that I lashed out at everything and everyone around me out loud or in silent defiance. I spiralled into a very deep depression because I couldn’t understand how my life could be so unfulfilling yet I had done everything ‘right’. In the middle of the darkness, a couple of my people refused to leave me there.

One called me every day, checking on me, making me smile, giving me things to think about that moved my eyes from the mud and murk I was stuck in and all the excuses I was giving to possibilities. Another always had a long, warm hug waiting for me when we met and a reminder that the strong, decisive girl they met in our youth still existed somewhere in there. Another regularly reminded me I was loved until I believed it and in time I rose out of the darkness, into a breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly bright and deeply loved and loveable human being.

This is why I am heart broken in this season.

Many people are hurting because they have lost their jobs, opportunities, families and friends while others are holding their breath waiting for people to walk away because that has been the pattern of their lives. Ouch!!! I remember one of my friends asked me why I still stay even when they are so far and have nothing to offer. I didn’t answer because for a while, it was hard to put into words the depth of my commitment to be true to my people.

In time it came to me clearly. As long as I live, I will remain a true friend of anyone sent my way because I have had the blessing of having someone in my corner no matter what and that has given me the strength to be insanely deep and vulnerable. It taught me to love deeply and care enough not to coddle anyone but push and refuse to let them stop. To some I am hard and harsh because I want results not excuses but I have very little space for people who don’t want to grow because my true tribe doesn’t allow me wallow and stagnate.

To my people I say:

You have provided a safe space for me and I bless God for you. I am not indebted to you to return any favours; I am here because we are destined to greatness. I love you dearly and you have my friendship period!!! I have said it before and I will say it again, you are worth every minute of the airtime and there is a plan for your life even when it looks bleak and dark right now. Our lives are inexplicably intertwined for a reason, season or lifetime.

Your space is available for as long as it needs to be. You are free to be yourself. There is no judgement in this space only honest conversation, a pursuit for growth and God. Don’t judge me by your past experience, only give me time to prove to you that I am here, committed to you and this space because it is an assignment.

To others around me I say:

Find your tribe, know who is critical to your path, know whose life must be shifted by yours, commit to be that available and faithful friend before you are brother or sister. The knowledge of love could heal a love. To love is to forgive. To love is see the good in the other. To love is to seek God about each other and work diligently to ensure each becomes God’s dream.

What is friendship?

It is not that hard when we understand that friendship is a gift…a precious, precious gift.

  • Friendship is a tool in God’s hand for healing and restoration.
  • Friendship is an avenue to heal, strengthen, and secure.
  • Friendship is a place where growth can be demanded and supported.
  • Friendship is a place of restoration and revitalisation.

Do you know how the people around you are doing…really doing? It is important to find out how people are and know that you are important.

  • Take time to know your people and take care of them as God leads.
  • Be gentle when needed, be firm when demanded.
  • Be strong at the right time; break down and deal when needed.
  • There is no end to the depth and richness friendship brings.

We are friends before we are family.


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The Simple Life


There will be challenges along the way.

There will be days you want to give up.

There will be failures,

There will be lost opportunities

There will be tears and floods


There will be rainy days & muddy roads,

There will be dark moonless nights,

There will be empty seats and tables,

There will be long walks and no transport

There will also be hot, lonely times.



Do your best every time.

Hold the tray even if your hand is shaking.

Smile even if the tears are threatening.

Call out for help even if you can’t see anyone.

Do your best, no matter what is happening.

It will always pay off.


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The Simple Life, Walking with God

Forgiveness Is For Me.

Gone are the days when it was easy to follow God.

We are in the days of deliberate choices. True dedication. Clear focus and commitment. We can no longer be complacent in our pursuit of Him who created the heavens and earth. We must do the work, walk the talk, live lives that speak of Him alone all our remaining days.

I know that is heavy, but it is true.

It is easy to think that when God is walking with us, we should have everything on a silver platter, but have you really looked at scripture? Who had an easy life in the Bible? Who did not have anything to give up or deal with? Who walked in easy and comfort? Do you see anyone? Is there any life that accomplished anything for God that sat on the beach all day or in the shade all their lives doing nothing? No!! Not even one!!! Not even Christ the one who was indeed God sent to the earth to lead men back to God. So who do we think we are that life should be easy?

This weekend this reality hit me in the face and wow, I was floored. I looked back at the life of people around me and no one who had attained even a semblance of the path God has assigned to them has received it free or on a platter. Each one has lost something, given up something, walked away from something, chosen something, lived for something, loved God more than themselves, those around them and things of love.

One of my long-time friends loves saying, ‘Forgiveness is for you.’

As I was thinking tears filled my eyes when God reminded me about how forgiveness had changed my life. My friend and I had a big fight many years ago that kept us away from each other for more than ten years. It was the kind of separation that tears the two parties apart because you assumed that life would always be good, and you would always be close. It was the kind of tear that destroys the balance in life because you were pillars to one another then suddenly a bomb explodes and brings down the whole house. Oh, the pain…no words!!!

For a long time, I would catch feelings and anger would simmer every time I heard his name, saw him or he reached out. Couldn’t he see how much pain he had caused me? Did he just expect me to forgive him and continue talking? Did he think he had the right to disrupt my life and appear at will expecting happy smiles? Who the heck did he think he was? Why did he think he deserved this kind of attention and freedom to be around me without apology?

Didn’t I deserve a heartfelt apology? Of course, I did!!! Or maybe not.

In time I realised he did not carry grudges even when hurt. He did not hold it against me and neither did he give space to things he could not understand. He simply parked them at the foot of the cross for Father to let him know when to deal. I on the other hand, was fuming and assuming he knew how much pain I had suffered. But alas!! I had shut down, hidden the tears and brokenness and I held onto that pain as the identity of this lost friendship, stability and decade.

Imagine my shock when God began to deal with me about holding grudges and projecting my pain onto others. After all, I was party to the split because at the time it was good for all parties, so how could I blame it on the other? How could I determine in my heart he would bear all the blame, yet I too caused him pain, I too said, thought and projected mean things? To blame him was to declare that I was innocent and we both knew that was not true.

Then Papa said…’You need to forgive your brother.’

Did you just say brother? There is no way he could still be my brother. There is no way I would be around him. That was just impossible!!! And I stomped my foot and stalked off, angry with a stiff spine. Oh, how God does not relent. How He makes His point clear and His judgement true. Over the next few months, God and I dealt with every part of that piece of the past. He showed me my part, the pain, the break, the anger and resentment and the barrier it was creating to my successful progression.

How every time a new opportunity came, I judged His sons and daughters with the same harsh position I had taken against one. How every time someone looked like they could hurt me I walked away in advance to protect myself. How I used this broken friendship as the reason not get close to people since people hurt people right? It was shocking to realise how bound I was. Stuck in solitary confinement and I did not even know it. Lost in the middle of the crowd with no hope or way out.

What? You mean being angry was holding me back? Absolutely!!!

So, we begun the path to healing and my oh my, it was ghastly painful. I had to let go of all the pain I was holding in and using as a shield. I had to cry and let the pain out one tear at a time (my gals used to say that to me cry was a matter of national importance). I had to let go of and burn every memory that had become a hindrance to my healing and restoration.

One day, I realised I as different…less angry, more joyful, more hopeful, and eager about life. I found release in the separation from the hurt and pain. I found healing in forgiveness first of myself and then of my brother. Finally, one day we had the big conversation. We talked about life, the destruction of our friendship, the reasons behind it, the years of pain and tears, the weight of sadness we both carried for a long while, the sense of imbalance until God stepped in and the healing we had to walk into. I realised he didn’t understand things the way I did, and I didn’t know exactly how he had felt. There were so many assumptions around everything that caused us more pain and so few words for so long. We couldn’t heal fully until we both forgave each other.

The difference was…he dealt with things faster than me.

It became clear that forgiving my brother was the route back to wholeness and peace. It was the pathway to an easier yoke and lighter burden. It was the pathway to a new move of God in my life. It was the pathway peace and harmony.

Over time, I have learnt a lot from my brother especially unconditional love. The kind of love has no bounds and standards other than God’s. The kind that will see me falling flat on my face in the mud and come to sit with me in the mud so we can figure out why I keep losing my footing. The one that sees me walking into the dark and will light a floodlight and call me out. The kind that sees me in the middle of pain and seeks God diligently for me then walks as close as possible cheering me on to deal or holds me as I cry on the other side.

I have found true brotherly love on the other side of forgiveness.

Indeed…Forgiveness is for me!!!

And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Matthew 7:3

Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are who judge, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things. Romans 2:1

Judge not, that you be not judged. Matthew 7:1


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I miss you

I miss you

I look around me 

I know there’s a gap

The void is shaped like you


I think of you 

I see your face

In many places 

My heart longs to be close to you 


I think of you 

Listening to music

Driving the streets

Reading my books


I really miss you 

With all my heart

With every breath 

With every hour, every day


I miss your smile

I miss your touch

I miss your truth

I miss the light in your eyes


I wonder how it would feel 

To hold your hand again 

To look into your eyes again 

To just sit together again 

To be loved by you 


My heart knows what you’re thinking 

I know when you happy 

I know when your sad 

I know when you lonely

I know when you are mad 


I want to be the 1st human 

You pray for every day

You think of when you are happy

You fight for and with in the battle 

You call when you need to talk 


I would love to be 

Your best friend

Your confidant 

Your prayer partner 

Your battle buddy


I want to be the one 

You are honest with

You trust wholly

You share your joys with

You laugh with daily


I love you the scary way

No limits 

No fear

No holds barred

Nothing can stand in the way 


I miss you 

I love you 

I pray for you 

I let you go


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Cor 13:3

Inspired by the sadness of a dear friend. 

The Simple Life

When God Messes It All Up

We have been working a plan with God for a while now and it was getting easier to execute every day and enjoyable to do. Ha! I should have known…He was about to shift things.

It started when He kept dropping things into my lap, adding things to my plate (not food) and increasing the demand on my time. I kept working and building but in time begun feeling rudderless and like I was drowning. I wanted everything to fit into the pattern I had established and got comfortable with, but alas that wasn’t a possibility.

The unraveling all came together in one day at a single moment.

After a day of walking through meeting after meeting I sat to set up for my weekly broadcast and simple things begun getting off track. The live stream took longer to get going because the device I was using is old, I was online ministering for ten minutes before I realised my device had the volume turned off, I had forgotten to start recording and after all that I still didn’t have content for my blog post. Yes, all this in one day.

It would have been easy to get rattled, and I honestly had begun feeling a rather rattled, but I heard the quiet question, Really? Really what you ask…Would I allow the situation to challenge me or would I look up at God to see His perspective? Would I be frustrated because the process wasn’t as easy as usual or would I look for a lesson or growth in it? For a few moments I tried to wallow but each moment was accompanied by a the same question and an agitation for more clarity wouldn’t allow me to settle there.

My reality shifted to…we cannot box God.

The answer came during the broadcast and it hit hard. Abraham was called to leave everything he knew to go to a land God would show him. Mary found herself pregnant and almost alone in a culture that would kill her for being unvirtuous. Joseph was despised, sold, falsely accused, jailed for many years with only the trust in his God. Hosea was instructed to marry a prostitute with the knowledge that it wouldn’t be smooth sailing. Yet they all complied and walked with God.

He said “Be still child it is me at work, doing what I know best.” “What is that?” I asked. “Keeping you tuned into me no matter what.” He replied.

When you feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed, unprepared, or just not up to scratch; remember your Father has you in His hand. He cannot forget you, will not forget you and will preserve you for His purpose. Yet if He needs to stretch you, break and rebuild or re-calibrate you, He will. His design of our lives and processes is flawless. His timing is perfect. His presence daily. His purpose the best.

Simply trust Him because everything is as planned.


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Get To Know

I always want to get to know you through and through,

Every thought,

Every emotion,

Every hope,

Every dream,

Every disappointment,

Every lesson,

Every miracle.


I always want to get to know you through and through,

Every smile

Every tear

Every sigh

Every fear

Every loss

Every cheer

Every stretch

Every joy.


You are so far away, hidden, veiled

Known yet unknown

Seen yet unseen

Visible yet invisible

Reachable yet unreached

Acceptable yet unaccepted

Connected yet disconnected

Anchored yet adrift

Silent yet vocalised


You are so near, close, in here

Speaking faintly

Smiling discreetly

Walking silently

Noting carefully


It is a hidden heart and connection





A connection would be lovely

Deep and engaging

Close and intertwined

Connected no turning back

Dedicated and vested

Committed and unbreakable

Oneness personified

Grace amplified

United to the last


I remind myself that maybe that’s not my place

I acknowledge you feel like a dream

I accept you are a possibility

I appreciate what I have






My one of a kind Father

I accept your love and truth

The Simple Life

In Pieces…

Some things are easier than others for a while then it all switches up.

It has been rather easy to write but as my desk got fuller it became harder to consolidate my thoughts. Oh, how I wanted to just sit and tap out an article, but it isn’t always that way. The vibes around me are stilted because anxiety and loneliness have sneaked in while we were all looking the other way. I will not dwell on anxiety because I have harped on about that for a while and I think you all need a break.

Loneliness…that is another animal all together.

It has come up in so more conversations than I thought possible. It is in homes, relationships, workplaces and anywhere there is a human heart. It has come up now we have had time to sit, think through and process our situations as we are less engaged and more sedentary. It has arisen because we are home and our phones aren’t ringing, we cannot go to the place the usually distract us, many are watching negative news all the time, the WhatsApp chats are disheartening and we are hanging out with little people we are not used to being around for so long. Sigh.

One man who has lost his job talked about no one calling him anymore, not even his siblings. A teenager said he had always felt unimportant and it is getting worse with the school closure. A mother struggling to keep a happy atmosphere at home shared how alone she felt. A father unused to being so sedentary and missing his boys expressed frustration and anger. Yet the thread I found woven into every story was loneliness from the disruption of our usual activities.

We are wired for community, yet it is less than ideal right now.

Many of us are caught up in unsettled feelings that if we took time to assess, we would actually see a deep sense of loneliness within us, grounded in being alone in spaces we are not used to and therefore very sad. We are alone because our usual activities are impossible to carry out as we do not have the ability to do much financially or socially. Many are sad because we cannot be with our tribe or do what makes us happy and this makes me wonder if we are focused on the right things.

I dislike being lonely because it allows my mind to wonder and create scenarios. I find that the more I focus on what I do not have, the less I see what I have and the more miserable I become. It makes me feel broken and that I do not like that. On one of those occasions I was reflecting I came across a podcast by my brother Irewolede Phillips, Broken but Mended. You need to listen to it.

There are so many things in there, but a few things really caught my attention and got me thinking:

Focus on what we have: It is so easy to sit and whine about what we do not have totally forgetting that there are things in life that are good and bring hope. This focus on what we lack, changes our ability to see God at work in us and clouds our perspectives completely. When we learn to look inward and see the blessings we have, however small they seem, and celebrate them our eyes lift from the ground to the mastery of God above.

Know the process is valuable: In the plan of God, nothing goes to waste. John the Apostle was tortured by boiling in hot oil then cast on the island of Patmos to die yet he lived and received a visitation from God that brought forth the book of Revelation. Moses fled into the desert only to meet God in the back side of the desert and get the call to rescue the Israelites. The things they went through made them certain of the call over their lives and the reality that God is in all and above all. How about you? Do you know that where you are is critical to where you are going?

God has allowed everything for His glory: I could be desperately lonely and if I look at the people who I think should be with or near me and see they are happily doing their things and forgetting me, it is possible to be sad and angry. If I rise into the understanding that the place I am in instrumental to the fulfilment of the plan of God, my perspective will change, and my heart will settle. It brings the Garden of Gethsemane to mind with Christ candidly telling God that he would rather not suffer but if it was the only route to the redemption of the people, he was ready to go. He connected to the reality that his trial and death were the most important ingredient and so he aligned with his Father and strength came.

The outcome is God’s beauty: The beauty of God is not born in simple, easy life. It is a product of a process that strips us of our selfishness and connects us to the deeper realities of grace and mercy. This is a place intended for growth and expansion to create the version of us God has seen and needs out in the world. It is established to build a permanent sense of belonging, connection, and joy in the arms of the Father. It is all about growing in our inner man that we may accomplish all that God has set for us in our lives.

Even though many of us feel like we have nothing, we must understand that with our Father in heaven we have all the supply we need. Do you believe things are changing? Do you believe God is in control? Do you believe you are not forgotten? Do you understand that the call on your life is the real deal with its own supply? Do you know that God will never let you down?

Your peace of mind and accomplishment depends on you understanding that God is God just like He said, you are you as He created you and everything you need is available at the right time. In the words of my Papa C, “…to be blessed is to have everything you need to become and accomplish the word of God, including hardship and pain.

Shalom, you are blessed.

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Life Is A Two Way Street

Listen to me…

Never apologise for unloading, 

Never feel you are a burden, 

Never, ever, doubt you have someone on your side

Life is a two way street


I get you have been on your own for long

I get you need to be strong

I get you are the pillar for many

Never, ever, doubt you have someone on your side

Life is a two way street


I get you have few tears

I get you have some fears

I get you others depend on you

Never, ever, doubt you have someone on your side

Life is a two way street


You aren’t a failure

You aren’t a statistic

You aren’t a bother

Never, ever, doubt you have someone on your side

Life is a two way street


Your word matters

Your dreams matter

Your hopes are real

Never, ever, doubt you have someone on your side

Life is a two way street


We all need a team

We all need a family

We all need depth with God

Never, ever, doubt you have someone on your side

Life is a two way street


Hold off the self-doubt

Hold off the wondering

Hold off the sadness

Never, ever, doubt you have someone on your side

Life is a two way street


We don’t live alone

We are stronger in units

We are designed for oneness

Never, ever, doubt you have someone on your side

Life is a two way street


You are important

You are valuable

You are a blessing

Never, ever, doubt you have someone on your side

Life is a two way street


Life is a two way street

Life always has two angles

Life is enjoyable with others

Never, ever, doubt you have someone on your side

Life is a two way street

If it matters to you, it matters to me.

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Rest & Get Comfortable

Mmmmmhhhh…how to begin.

It all started with a niggling knowledge in my spirit that I needed to carry a few outfits while going for a work shoot. I was not on the cards that day as it was about the others, yet within me I knew I needed to do something radical in my day. How? I did not know. Why? It was time and though it is hard to explain, excitement filled my heart and spirit as I drove to work that day.

Halfway through the day, I found the courage to quietly set up my appointment with the makeup artist and photographer and sit peacefully running things after that. As we wound up, I almost cancelled on the photographer but since my face was already done, why waste the opportunity and preparation. I settled that this was going to happen no matter what.

I am so glad I did it because I have not laughed that hard in a long time.

Imagine me standing in the middle of the Arboretum with a huge camera lens focused on me. Oh my!!! It was daunting at first, but the jokes and seemingly random questions flowed making all fine and the awkwardness went…, well I was about to say out of the window, but we are already outside.

It was surprising how easy it was to get into the zone once we started. I thought I would struggle with the possibility of posing in public where people could interrupt or just watch but the inner peace in me was the right fuel. Soon I knew what the next step needed to be, how to enhance the next pose, when to light up, when to think and so forth. In time I became one with the shoot and the result was mind blowing and breath-taking.

Then the world tilted on another axis…

You know how a photographer sends you a teaser of two or three photos to keep you guessing? I could not stop staring at the teasers in amazement because I did not believe it was me. In every shot, he captured the essence of me that has been hidden for a long time; a simple girl who loves to talk, laugh, love and think. Every photo had a confident personality but a subtle shyness and coyness. Each one highlighted a deep-seated joy of being one with myself and the Maker. Even now, I keep going back to them, I see different things every time.

I am totally fascinated at how simple things come through when you are not focused on them. Or how a pimple kept in the frame speaks to the realities of life and dealing with fear. Or how a smile changes the face with soft lines and even crow’s feet can be a sign of beauty and elegance.

How many times had I allowed life to determine what looked good?

Finally, I could see what my Papa saw when he said his daughters are the most beautiful in the land. I could see what God saw when He created me. I believed the words of my friend who keeps saying that I am absolutely gorgeous. I understood that though I have a special kind of body type, it perfect for me.

My eyes opened and I begun to understand why things around me happen the way they do. I also watched a deep sense of rest settle and a getting comfortable with who I can be and do me no matter what. It bred insane confidence that bubbled over in the next shoot that had the photographer watching with a smile as my smile got bigger every time the shutter closed and did not fade until after the last shot. I learnt that I could easily turn on a genuine 100watt smile.

Then I looked at my Father in heaven with a smile…

13 For You formed my inward parts;
You [a]covered me in my mother’s womb.
14 I will praise You, for [b]I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.
15 My [c]frame was not hidden from You,
When I was made in secret,
And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.

Psalm 139:13-16 (NKJV)

  • I can no longer contest or contend with God that I am who He said I am, placed where He needs me to be, doing what He has called me to do, well able to colonise and dominate that space.
  • I do not need to know the full picture as I am now content to live by a daily word from His heart.
  • I am willing and able to walk in trust because every day He has led me on the way of life that is rich and deep.
  • I will follow this path because it is pre-designed, and I am predestined to rise and present the fullness of an aspect of Him that has never been seen.

Do you believe His plan for you is perfect? Let Him show you just how on point He is, & life is.


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The Simple Life

Oh God Our Help

Oh God our help in ages past

The One who never changed

The One who never shifted His mind

The One who never forgot His child


Oh God our help in ages present

The One with every star in the sky

The One with His breath in all of us

The One watching over us


Oh God our help in ages present

The One who anchors of our souls

The One who holds us with love

The One who watches over our days


Oh God our help in ages present

The One we depend on

The One we believe in

The One we trust


Oh God our help in ages to come

The One with His finger on the pulse

The One who knows the future

The One with hope in His eyes


Oh God our help in ages to come

The One who Is to come

The One who heals and restores

The One who knows the end from the beginning


Oh God our help in ages to come

The One who loves us no matter what

The One who understands our hearts

The One who watches over us


Oh God our help in ages to come

The One we can trust no matter what

The One we lean on daily

The One, who is always there


Oh God our help in all the ages

We lean on you daily

We hold on you every moment

We wait on you


Oh God our help in all the ages

We receive your love and compassion

We accept your grace

We acknowledge you


Oh our God of all ages

Our father

Our leader

Our friend


Oh God our help in ages past

Oh God our help in ages present

Oh God our help in ages to come

Oh our God of all the ages


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