Why don’t you tell me?

You say you are my Father but

But You don’t tell me all

You say You love me

But I don’t feel it

You say You have a plan for me

Yet I can’t see or hear anything


Your daughter says You have a plan

Why don’t You tell me?

She says it is all good

Why don’t You tell me?

She says I am growing

Why don’t You tell me?


Have I done something to you?

Is there something I need to do?

Who do you need me to become so You can speak?

What is the plan God?

Why don’t You tell me?


How am I supposed to walk with You if you are silent?

How do I become who You say I am if I don’t know?

How do I know my people if You don’t say?

When will this all pass or work?

Why don’t You tell me?


I want to grow and become better

I want to know You like others do

I want to understand why I am here

I want to make You happy God

Why don’t You tell me how?


She says it’s not about jumping through hoops

She says You speak often and clearly

She says You can be trusted

She says You are the best friend

Why don’t You show me how?


Have I done something wrong?

Have I failed to hear?

Have I ignored Your prompts?

Have I missed Your word?

Why didn’t You show me how?


Photo by Suliman Sallehi on Pexels.com

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