Sent By God

It had been a long time since we last saw each other

Twenty years since they rescued me

We had been so engrossed with life

Now life keeps drawing different ones back

Today it was him


I hadn’t seen him as I walked by

The crowd was too big by then

Yet I felt someone watching me so I turned

There he was, watching, smiling,

Shaking his head, clucking his tongue


You see, I’m in process

I’m dealing & digging deep

I had asked God who I used to be

Today He set out to show me


We had met many years ago 

My life was shredded and in the gutter

Cold, lonely, empty, dry

Devastatingly quiet and sombre

Falsely seeming stable and solid outside


One day I was beautiful, I loved, I accepted,

I laughed, had strength, hope, courage

I was the hub of all plans,

I broke it down and built it up 

I was reliable, dependable, the rock


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Then suddenly I wasn’t anything

Instantly I was broken, shaken, confused

Lost in the darkness groping for support

Stumbling on flat ground,

Falling on smooth pavements


Blind in the sunlight yet with perfect sight

Deaf in the day yet with perfect hearing

In the valley of the shadow of death

I was at the end of myself


I died many times over

Yet no one noticed

When one saw me he just said,

‘Get it together mrembo,

we want the girl we knew and loved.’


How could I do that?

Where would the strength come from

Who would walk with me?

Would any one See Me?

Couldn’t they see I needed help?


Then they appeared…

A total of twelve from different places

Each more diametrically different

All from outside my world

Yet they didn’t care we were so dissimilar


I called them my boys,

They called me one of the boys

Totally unknown to themselves

They became the arms, feet and heart of God

A healing balm to a broken life


They were sent of God

Though it seemed totally unlikely

A designated support system

Helpers to tide me through, under and over

My people, my strength, my brothers


Sad lonely days turned to happy ones

Gloom gave way to laughter

Emptiness filled with warm hugs

Seats saved on the bus, on the wall, at the meeting

Unconditional acceptance & no judgement


And when their assignment ended

They left as rapidly as they came

Vanishing as suddenly as they appeared

Like mist when the sun rises

There was no trace of them


Now life has come full circle

We are older, wiser, more confident

But we can look back to those days

I smiled, my heart skipped,

I remembered


‘No way!!!’ he said shaking his head

Scanning me from top to bottom.

He reached out and hugged me

He said it so quietly I almost missed it

‘Damn girl! You look the same! ‘


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I smiled,

My heart comforted,

My spirit stilled,

My joy confirmed

My hope grounded.


Papa had done His work

He’d kept His word

He’d restored me in Him

Now I am whole,

Finally I am free.

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