God’s word needs more hands & feet.

Child of God,  do you see?
Are your eyes really open?
Are you aware things have changed?

Child of God, do you understand?
Do you know what the times mean?
Do the seasons make sense?

Child of God, can you resolve matters?
Is your life fully productive?
Does your life bring answers?

The world is depending on your ability to see
It needs you to understand clearly
It calls you to resolve the things around you.

Your challenge isn’t the man
Your challenge is his socialisation
You an integral part of it.

Child be aware of what’s in you
There is an inward aggression
There is anger from the past

Be careful not to be chauvinistic
Be aware of false umbrellas of culture
Question every concept you know

Lean into God this season
Press in to learn depth
Pursue God with diligence

He desires a man
One who seeks Him only
One who desires to know Him

To know God is a privilege
Your are responsible for that
Be wise how you use the knowledge

As you live out what you have now
Much more will be layered
His depth will be added

Be careful how you live
Represent God right
Showcase an expression of Him yet unseen

God’s word needs more hands and feet.

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