Afrika, My Afrika

Afrika has broken me

Afrika has torn me apart

Afrika has built me

Afrika has beautified me


Afrika is my heart

Every person

Every plant

Every creature


Afrika is my home

My very breath

My heart beat

My inner solace


Afrika is in the heart of God

She is the mother of creation

She is the home of healing

She is the life of all men


Yet Afrika is in pain

She is groaning with birth pain

She is pushing a hard to deliver

She is bent over in pain


Hold on beloved Afrika

Your time has come

Your delivery will bear fruit

Your child is coming on time


Though it hurts right now

It will get better

Joy will fill your heart

Your peace is at the door


Afrika oh Afrika

Your time is now

Your hope has come

Your peace is here


Afrika oh Afrika

Your children are rising

Their voices are being heart

Their cries have been answered


Afrika oh Afrika

You are God’s beloved

You are appointed and assigned

You are prepared and provisioned


Afrika of Afrika

Hold on in faith

Stand firm in your truth

Your deliverance is at hand


Afrika oh Afrika

You cannot fail

You cannot be stumped

You cannot be silenced


Afrika oh Afrika

You are the light of the world

You are city that cant be hidden

You are a great light in the dark


Afrika oh Afrika

Your past can no longer bind you

Your suffering no longer destroy you

Your hope is on the right


Afrika oh Afrika

Arise shine for your light has come

The glory of the Lord is risen on you

Kings are coming to your rising

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