You will make it

As she sat there she felt the break

She saw it suddenly

She had been waiting, hoping dreaming


Waiting for approval

Hoping for acceptance

Dreaming of a new break


Looking the wrong direction

Glancing in tiny blinks

Dreaming of a new break


That was the last day

No more wondering

No more waiting


She saw where she left the path

She saw how far she had gone

She saw the way to walk back


Acknowledging the state of her heart

Accepting the need of her soul

Understanding the depth of it all


No more wallowing

No more aimless hoping

No more walking in circles


No more emptiness

 No more isolation

No more mark timing


Walking on needs connections

Moving forward needs companions

Changing the scenery needs focus


Deep roots must be grown

Stability will be found

Growth is not an option


Now she will invest in her growth

She will walk away from stagnation

She will work at her life


Work at your life honey

Focus on your growth

Connect with the right people


Never look back no matter what

Do not hold back from your assigned partners

Be sure you are walking a few steps daily


Your season demands more

Your future requires growth

Your destiny is still secure


Hold on honey, you will make it

Trust the process you are on

Keep going straight and strong


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