Growth is a CHOICE

Too often we find what we think are reasons for not moving or growing and get stuck. If only that was true.

Growing old happens automatically from the day we are born as we progress towards our final day but growing up and maturing is not automatic. My grandfather used to say that if you educate a thief you have an educated thief and the village idiot no matter how old isn’t wise…he or she is just an old village idiot.

We must learn to CHOOSE to grow. Yes, growth is a CHOICE. A young lady asked me why I say so and this is when I really listened to my thoughts. Let me share a few!!

If you are at the bottom of the class and you know you shouldn’t be, you have a choice to make…either stop playing around and study hard or keep playing around and remain bottom of the class. It is a CHOICE.

If you want to build a business and all your friends are employed, you must get over your need to be seen in all social spaces, choose the field and work on it diligently. You will network and connect, work to fill the orders, build and dismantle teams until they work and keep at it until it succeeds. You will save funds, cut back on the social activities you do and make as much time for the business until you succeed. It is a CHOICE.

If you choose to get married and remain married. You will ensure you choose right, invest in the relationship before and during, connect with your spouse often, make time to realign, be accountable to one another and others, speak about your plans and commitments and forsake all others who may draw you away from the relationship… It is a CHOICE.

If you want to become a public speaker, you would look for a place to practise speaking, read more diversly to, ask questions, listen more, and begin to speak even if you make mistakes. You will seek feedback from honest sources and practise to make the recommended changes and keep at it until you are good then practice some more… It is a CHOICE.

Do not let anyone fool you…you cannot grow until you CHOOSE to grow. Nothing and no one can force growth and lasting change down your throat. Not a single thing can make you choose to change. Growth is a PERSONAL CHOICE made for PERSONAL REASONS. I cannot count the number of times I have had to go against the grain and do things that others didn’t approve of at that moment but I knew they would be the right thing for my journey. I cannot count the number of times people have marvelled at how I have changed and transitioned towards my goal.

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The things I know that have worked for me are:

Choose the GOAL: what do I want to grow into? Who do I need to become? What is the instruction over my life? What must I accomplish for God on this journey? What part of society must change because I am alive and working in that space?

Choose the growth TACTIC: What things will be part of my daily routine from now until we attain the desired growth? What kind of people must I avoid or connect with?

Choose the MEASURE: What will I have become and done for me to know that I have attained the goal? What is the picture of my successful transition from ordinary to extraordinary? Who will hold me to account? How often will I report progress? What is the format and duration of the accountability?

Choose to START: Every day is an opportunity to get up and make progress or remain in the same place and shrivel. Daily one must choose to rise and start the journey in the morning, restart when things fall apart, recover from loss or failure, celebrate wins and growth. The important thing is to ensure that we are making steps every day.

I hope you now understand why I say Growth is a CHOICE.

What choice are you making today that will help you grow every single day for the rest of your days?


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