My Safe Space

Every so often we find ourselves in spaces of deep reflections and hard realisations…life is often harder than we expect and we must find ways to deal. Some go silent, others get loud. Some drink the stress away, others fight and quarrel. Some recoil others uncoil…these are the reflections of one choosing silence as their route.


They don’t care, so why do you

They don’t look, you definitely do

They haven’t said a word, you want to

But the truth is, they don’t care about you


You want to tell the whole truth,

Want to tell their truth,

They say it sets you free, the truth

But they lied about that too…..


It breaks and crashes

The truth steals and snatches

It tears homes apart

The truth will break your heart


It then sits back and watches

What its done come to play

Laughing at all the carnage

It causes from day to day


These scratches are killing me

My skin is bruised

Untold truths are eating me

Opening new wounds


I wish they would take a minute

And realize, that I’m not okay

That they are killing me

That you are dying on the inside


But I know that they won’t see

Because love isn’t in their league

Friendship is just another way

To please their needs


That’s not how it works for me,

So I’ll just sit here

Find comfort in the quiet

Drowning in the silence


This is how it’s always been

How it will always be

Just me in my own world

That much is my clarity


My books my safe place

My mind my prison

Society my deathbed

This world, got the best of me


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Eri.G is an upcoming writer and poet…

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