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THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns — 3/1/11:

I am coming to you today as the wind, the water, the fire and as the rain — a habitation of My glory, so that you will flourish in My kingdom and no longer be distraught, condemned or oppressed.  I come to you to set you free and to call you forth into glory.  I am calling you to lay aside all that hinders you and to come by faith to receive that which I am doing.  I am sending you a fresh spiritual atmosphere that brings forth the baptism of My Holy Spirit upon you.  Come with expectation, with joy, peace and faith.  Come and receive.  No longer hold yourself from the water; no longer hide from the wind; no longer disallow the fire.  Come rather and enjoy the fullness of My expression and the fullness of who I am in you.  For, it is written that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of the living God; the God who transforms you, empowers you, helps you, keeps you in the Way and reveals His kingdom to you.  Come and learn.  Come and live.  Come and walk in My presence this day, says the Lord God.

Now this is surreal…just when I was wondering about many things I open my mail and there is this message. It is so interesting how God knows what we need to hear and when we need to hear it. This came like a lightning bolt at noon that fries all the electronics. Boy oh boy what a mighty God we serve.


I was sitting here thinking of all the things I needed to get done and totally clueless how to achieve it all. I was beginning to think that there was no way out of it, then again, there was no way out of it on my own. So as I sat and thought and brooded I realised I was not making progress. I remembered a conversation I had yesterday that got me thinking. I was reminded that in the midst of all things the one constant is the reality that God is in control and He doesn’t change or move and it is up to me to keep close to him and follow in His footsteps every day.


So if He doesn’t move then why do I at times feel like he is far away and not able to help? Could it be that I am the one who has moved away and lost the connection? Is it like a power cable strung from a house to an outside venue to cater for sound? There are several joints and so the cable is run along the grass to the point of need. Then imagine that someone doesn’t see it and then trips on it doesn’t the sound go off? Yup, it does. That is sometimes what happens to us in our relationship with God. Thing is that is how we often live our lives…we talk to God at different paces and sometimes we do not realise that we have moved ever so slightly.


You have heard the analogy of two planes flying in the same general direction but begin with a divergence of one degree. In an hour they will be so far apart they will not be able to see each other at all. Sometimes that is how we are with God. We start off well and are in tune and walk with God minute by minute so that it becomes usual. His voice is part of our lives and we are in tune. Then one day it just seems lonely and empty. Oh He is still at work and all but are you as close to His work as you were before? I find that sometimes things change and I need to realign to new directions and I didn’t quite get them clearly. I am aligning and realigning and it is interesting how good the peace that comes with that is.


It makes me ask you my dear reader, what does the above message mean to you? Where are you? What is God saying from these few lines? It could simply be a reminder that He loves you. A light tap on the shoulder to remind you how beautiful you are. What has He kept speaking into your heart about and you have had a hard time grasping it? I think it is a clarion call from the top of the mountain that He is interested in you.


Well, be like Mary in Luke 1:38 when she said, “I am the Lord’s servant…May it be to me as you have said…”


The Cost

Walking this new road is interesting and strange all in one. I have come to realise that the main agenda is to: LOVE GOD ONLY. This means that I believe all that he says and I do it all with comprehension and revelation that His word is supreme. This is achieved by dying to other things by the way of truth. Today I understood it all in a new way. Dying to self means to grasp the truth of the word of God and responding to it by

  • Hearing the word
  • Aligning to the word
  • Forsaking all other options and solutions

 God is seeking just one person who…deals honestly and seeks the truth in a city…then he will forgive… Jer 5:1…to the praise of his glorious name…Eph 1:6. When I realise that I am not the main agenda of this life then I realise that I am positioned to make greater impact than I ever understood. Someone said that when I give up something to be closer to God then I should count it not as a sacrifice but as a JOY. It is a joy because i am operating in the love and understanding of God and I am secure. When it is a joy it is better handled and resonates differently in my heart. It also brings out the light of Christ that I need to be showing and allows me to be a living epistle for the kingdom. Isn’t this a small price to pay? Isn’t it better than silver or gold?

 This process is not for nothing. It is the labour before I give birth to the great destiny and impact set out for me from the foundations of the earth that will make me better despite the pain. The outcome will be ever more beautiful. This child will be like a light or sweet aroma that draws others to God. Isn’t it amazing that God allows us to be a part of the birthing of this new dispensation?

 In all this He reminded me that, Christ is above all, a daily creator, unmovable, forever and secure. It is even more astounding when I realised that I have a choice to tap into this place and be obedient to his call. Scripture says that “without faith it is impossible to please God.” This is because he is the Maker of the impossible, the Creator of the unbelievable. God is TRUE, God is GRACIOUS. I serve an awesome, unbelievable, outlandish God. He is TRUE to His WORD and the destiny of His people is coming to pass in ways that are totally unexpected. All the glory and honour goes to him and he will share it with no one. God is in the midst of it all. He is redefining it all. There will be joy about what He’s doing to produce trees of righteousness to heal the nations. He will work through us to:

  • Heal
  • Restore
  • Guide

 The unfolding is daily and the last miracle he did will be nothing compared to the next thing He will unfold in the sight and hearing of all. We must be ready daily and willing to be obedient even when it seems strange and inexplicable. Daily we must seek to connect and find him before the onset of our day. We must also connect on a moment by moment basis and ask:

  • Who is the right recipient of the blessings of God through me?
  • What do I need to pour out on the nations?
  • Where should I be to bring praise to him?
  • What is my God-given office that I need to align for God to use fully?
  • What is God redefining for me?

 I must ALLOW God to do His thing and He will supply all MY needs according to His plan. He is indefinable, has no point of reference and there are no referral notes. I must be like Mary who despite the fact that she did not understand, said, “Be it unto me according to your word…” I must no longer hold back and be conformed to past but connect with the present and press into the deepest move of God. I must know and speak the Word, take charge of the situation with confidence and power knowing well that when I bow and worship him, He will come forth.