Seek First…


But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:33 NKJV

I used to think this verse meant being diligent to the programs of church and other opportunities to serve. It was about me walking with God in the things He had called me to and just doing stuff to attain the comforts of life so that people would see that I serve God and He doesn’t fail. In reality though, my life plateaued and even declined over time.

I have come to understand in the last few weeks that there are deeper dimensions of things and those suppositions were untrue.

To seek is to aspire to attain, obtain or achieve something or someone.

To seek first is to look for the desired thing before others or with utmost devotion above all else.

To seek first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness would then mean that finding Him becomes my greatest pursuit. It would be a driving desire to find God and walk in His ways. To let go of my limiting opinions and limited vision and connect to His greater vision. To connect to the reason He created me and live out on that path.

Talk about clarity taking over. I had wanted to be like a certain sister and have influence over certain things like a certain brother to no avail. The reality is that there are gates God created me to watch and lives He established me to influence and as long as these weren’t done there was a gap in the plan. There are places He set out for me and things only I could see and interpret right.

There are places that I easily entered incognito to bring Him in because I was invisible unlike others around me. The things I was created for were waiting for me to rock up and bring them to life. So years spent seeking God for the things that were not aligned to His plan for me were lost years in a sense.

To seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness starts when I really sit at His feet and ask Him to show me who I am in Him; When I stop to find out who He created me to be from before the foundations of the earth; When I listen keenly without filters who I want to be; When I understand His heart for the world around me and how I fit in; When He unearths my core and makes me aware of Him at the centre of me; When He lays me bare before and deals with all of me and I am unashamed.

To seek first the kingdom is to remain in Him even when I have begun to understand the calling upon my life and remain connected to Him regardless of the circumstances because I understand that the PROCESS is what makes me. It is to remain faithful to the process regardless of how hard it seems; To remain even when I can see ways out and options because I know the process if the route; To fully trust the process to produce in me the right version on Him.

To seek first the kingdom is to live ONLY by instruction and nothing else. It is to wait for a clear instruction to move, how to move, when to move, where to move to even when it seems slow to those around me. It is to stop when He says, go when He says and do only as little or as much as He says. It is to give up the right to advance knowledge and appreciate every word that comes from His mind. It is to understand that everything I know in advance or later on it is the right way.

To seek first the Kingdom is all about realigning with God and then all these things will be added… The added things come because the whole of me is aligned to Him. I have come to the place He can trust me with important things, wealth, position, authority and influence and it will not change me or taint His work in me.

What are you seeking today? How do you need to course correct today? Join me as we walk.

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