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In my last post, I mentioned my fitness buff friend who said I needed to sleep over my decision to get active about my health and fitness. How hard could this really be? I mean, watch what I eat and do a few simple workouts…how hard could it be? Wah!!!!

So I said let’s start but how about we finish the holidays and start in the New Year? Hahaha!!! He’s like why not tomorrow? Wait a minute…the tomorrow he was talking about was December 26th, 2017. Who in their right minds would start a new fitness program during the holiday’s right? I know you agree with me but that is the wrong answer. Gotcha!!

Why is it the wrong answer? I realised that any day can be a new beginning so why wait another give days to change my life?  I started the fitness regime that day…26.12.2017. I know right? Of course on the outside it looked like madness but my heart knew it was the right thing to do.

The hardest part was on December 25th night. Yes! Christmas night. While everyone around me was relaxing I had to figure out things…talk about no rest for the weary. Why was I doing this? What was my current weight and target weight? What would I change in my diet? How will I keep on track? You would think that coach would help right? Woi!!! He flat out refused!

I was like…what? You are the one pushing this; why are you being difficult? I bet you want to know his answer. It was so annoying but true. It was really simple, if I was serious about it I needed to figure it all out; what I wanted, when I would start, how I propose to do it and how I would be kept accountable. Surely a little help would be nice, right?

It is true that a little help wold be nice but I needed to figure most of these things out. In the last few months of my journey God has been clear that only He can direct my steps so I needed to consult with Him first. I know I had never told coach about this part of my life but God in His wisdom and madness gave coach a stand that led me right back to my pattern. Coach’s only demand was that I figure it out quickly and tell him.

This God! Eish! He is so beyond me. How does He set me up with the perfect source of strength who wouldn’t take my excuses and give that very source a plan that would push me back to Him for direction? So the journey started with me having to figure out what I needed to do and why from the perspective of my Father in heaven.

Then I stood on the scale and we discovered where I was in weight (I almost cried at the number) and where I wanted to be. Next was to understand why I needed to do this. By many standards I am not big just curvy in all the right places. However, there is an internal standard I have with God and the scale had already told me I was above where I needed to be. See…that extra needed to be dealt with. Now I had the right perspective and reason to start the journey.

This left me wondering what else I need to look at and deal with from God’s perspective. Who does He know me as that I have not yet attained but as long as I keep walking He will keep providing the help I need?

I know, there is nothing better! Everything is working out in ways that can only be God.


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