No More Me Too

Over the years I have said over and over that each one must hear God for themselves and this morning I was reminded of that.

Health and fitness has been and continues to be a clarion call in the family with different people doing different things. There is one program that quite a few of us are on and the results are seen in days…literally. On the outside I was fine not to be on that program but as I heard from more and more of my siblings what they were doing I begun to ask if I too should be on it. Crazy right?

One day, in a conversation with my ma, I received clarity. She was sharing her journey and how God has been very intentional step by step with her and I realised that I too needed to remain committed to my process with Him. If I was honest with myself, for a moment I had lapsed back into the ‘me too’ thought process and walked away from my uniqueness in God. I had forgotten that because He made me specifically, He would have a specific plan for me and the levels of specificity would be so high that no one else’s plan would work.

Talk about course correction. I had to stop and ask God again, what the plan was for me. oh my! Speechless! There were things He planned to break and shift in  me that could only happen when I found out my personal self-limiting thoughts and destroyed them at the root. There were things he wanted to highlight so that I would never go back there. There are things that will only stick if I find them out the exact way He would have me find them out. You know how a parent shakes their head in disbelief when their child throws a tantrum? I could see God looking at me similar.

I have said many times to people that we all need to find who God says we are from before the foundations of the earth and live in that way and here I was putting that aside to be like everyone else. In the place I am positioned, this operating like everyone else will not get me more friends. My family is wise enough and have discernment to pick up on the things that are out of place and call them out without fear because God has commanded us to be true to who He has said we are and we will in the end be accountable for that.

This has allowed me to settle into my process and keep my eyes focused on the goal set with my Father in Heaven. It has also opened the door for me to be honest with myself and see perspectives I would never have seen. One of the greatest things I have found is a very deep faith in God and His word over me. The word that never changes and can be challenged and stand strong.




His word is reliable because, He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Shalom.


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