Internally Driven

Automaticity is when a habit becomes so ingrained that you do it naturally without thinking about it: Robin Sharma.

It is the point in life when the mind and body are one in a task because of doing it over and over in a set sequence for a set reason to a set outcome. Let me break it down.

It takes 21 days to break or gain a habit, however for many people, the habit learned doesn’t always last. Why? Simple, because it is important to practise that habit until it becomes very close to a reflex and this takes time. in reality, after the 21 day period, you need to practise it for at least forty five (45) days to ensure that it sticks for good; i.e. becomes automatic…that is automaticity and it takes 66 days.

I learnt about automaticity a long time ago but doubted it 100%. I even tried it but it didn’t work so I decided it doesn’t work. Don’t judge! That was then. My current life has not only reminded me of its reality but has proven that it actually works. The fitness and health journey has made it possible for me to shift and in time things have become easier to do. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the workouts are still challenging and I am still changing it up to keep the body guessing but there are things I have learnt that help me push on daily.

The funniest one is that I work out in one form or the other every day or I feel sick. Yes! I feel sick to the point that one of my friends was laughing at me. Even funnier is that recently I was travelling and couldn’t work out in the morning because of how early we were leaving, yet as soon as I was up my body was revving to workout. I actually felt a little bit off that day because my body hadn’t broken into its daily sweat yet. Hahaha! Yup!

Automaticity is of great benefit because it is the point where our bodies flip into gear and operate at full capacity for the intended period, goal and outcome.

A friend who runs 13 km every morning before work has found that once he gets past the 5km mark his body regulates and picks a rhythm that gets him all the way to the end. The first 5km are a stretch, a fight and a push but once over that, he  is able to keep going after that with ease.

It is important to hit this place where I am trained, primed and tuned to things and make it easier to work on. This is achieved by consistent effort, with a defined goal, over a given period to yield outstanding results. Now in the body it takes 66 days to retrain the mind and body so it is realistic to set four big goals for the year.

Let me take this a little further. I am reminded that God doesn’t necessarily need such practice through He allows it for his glory. I could gain a new position in the 66 days or by his grace he can give me an instant solution. Either way, God is the one who shifts positions when I work with and for Him. Once He shifts my position I must practise the position and commit to the change and become everything He has said I am. It is one thing to be shifted to a new position but I must put the work in to grow in and maintain the position.



What are you doing to retain yours?

What are you allowing God to build in you?

As for me, It is a daily walk and work. I am working; daily practice.

2 thoughts on “Internally Driven

  1. Emma

    Great read. I think that can also be achieved by completely surrendering oneself to God to allow the Holy Spirit take over and bring about the automaticity we desire, especially in the aspect of prayer and in our walk with God.

    1. kyesubire Post author

      In this process for those of us who walk with God nothing happens outside His influence even if we use other principles to explain it. W

      We are nothing without Him and the process of rewiring our brains to absolute trust and surrender produces not the same result but an even deeper one.

      Thanks for reminder. God bless you

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