Unexpectedly In Water

Unexpectedly I found myself in the pool recently. Yes unexpectedly because I am not one to seek out going to the pool. I don’t even apologise for that. I was out of town and it was really great to be able to work out in a new environment with new routes to explore and different exercise combinations.

Lo and behold, one day I woke up knowing today was the day I would get into the pool. I’d been there for three days and my lil man went in for several hours every day but I didn’t ever remember there was a pool. Talk about focus, hahaha! On this day, it was late afternoon and I was hanging with the lil man who had already spent three hours in the pool yet as soon as I walked out in my swimsuit he quickly dashed off and changed and off we went to the pool. Talk about a nice small, warm pool with the warm evening sky, lots of greenery but the sun was hot.

It had been a crazy hot day and so this was indeed to cool things off yet it wasn’t a lazy dip. I just don’t know how to play in a pool. It was a work out regime so I began laps as the lil man timed me and oh what fun. After a while I did laps on the length and he did laps along the width till he ensured I had done forty six laps.  Now for the seasoned swimmer, this less than twenty meter pool is nothing but for me…eish, it was big because the last time I was in the pool was more than five years ago. Key word being more than…

It occurred to me that I should make a point of waking up to do more laps for the morning workout. Now life conspired to ensure I did laps because it rained all night and into the morning so all the roads I usually walk on and the beach were soaked. I slept in and still finished the workout before the rain stopped so off I went to the pool. What a blast. Coastal areas a great because the rain doesn’t chill the environment as much as it does higher up.

Oh that wasn’t all, an hour and a half later, I just wanted to go back to sleep because my body was just tired. Worn out tired!!! Then I understood something. Swimming is a whole different animal than all the other workouts I do. It is deceptive because water is buoyant and depending on the stroke you do, light and smooth but later you realise that you worked more muscles than you are aware of. Hahahahaha. Oh ask me in person!

Even as I sit to write this, I am still sore but because my body is getting stronger I am able to do more and keep going. As we worked our way through the train station with children and luggage it amazed me just how much I could do without having to stop and catch my breath. Every time I had to pick the bags and move I was reminded that I am stronger. Every time I have thought about the laps I did I realise I am stronger. So even with a tired body I celebrate that I am stronger so I keep going.

I realised that there have been changes in my muscles and posture brought about by the consistent exercise and the opposite would be true. It made me spend the rest of the trip meditating on the things God has allowed me to pass through and I have agreed and the end result it has produced. It got me thinking about how one experience could look like it is easy but the challenge to my system and the change internally may be unseen for a period. Above all, I realised that as long as I am willing to fulfil every instruction I receive from God, growth will happen even if it is unseen and one day when He asks me to lift something the growth will show.


So I say that whatever he has asked of me to do, that I will do because I know that he is faithful to complete it and will support me all the way the way the water did as I swam.

What about you? What will you do with your life?

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