His Perfect Showcase

We are all created unique and I know that saying has been used almost too often but it keeps coming back so I will delve deeper about it. There is a question in my heart that won’t go away. A seemingly simple question that has remarkable possibilities:

Why not be God’s showcase of something different?

Imagine with me that your relationship is chosen by God to showcase something unique like a different kind of communication and intimacy, a different kind of freedom and trust, resilience, courage, fidelity to go no matter what, etc. Or imagine that your life is to be the poster child of obedience, strength in the midst of adversity, joy unspeakable, an unshakeable life…the list is endless. Then imagine what you must go through and who you must become to live it out in full pursuit of God.

I have living examples in some of my siblings. Their marriage is established to depict the marriage of Christ and his bride and to be a platform of healing for marriage. The stuff they have been through both individually and as a couple is nothing short of mind blowing and exposing but its outcome is extremely beautiful. It has been an example of obedience to God even when there is no safety net and commitment to each other no matter what. It has been open doors for all and sundry to come in and learn. It has been and still is raw honesty, love and compassion for all.

That’s where I am coming from when I talked about understanding the purpose of your life, work, union, family etc, from the outset. Sadly most of us get in or have got into things for our own personal reasons and then when things go south have nothing to hold onto. Me included!!

It takes a lot more than the usual activities and behaviour to find this place because Only God can bring purpose to light and the wisdom to walk in it. It means that we must invest time to seek Him, hear and learn. It also takes a true and honest desire to remove all other superficial notions that draw people together and be drawn and driven by Him. That’s my desire! I want that deep certainty in my life, family, work, friendship; that’s my new quest…no more doing just to feel good.

So we press on…

It’s a whole paradigm shift. Like soldiers in the army who let go of all attachments and serve only for the good of the nation and obedience to their Commanding Officers. The rigorous training they go through is designed to rework the things that drive them and connect them to a new set of values and a deep bond of brotherhood that they never leave a brother behind and they stand their ground to the end.

Can you live like that? Can I?

The changes in my life are telling me I can so I press on because it’s my heart’s desire. Every day I ask Him to help me…my flesh has to let go and die so He becomes my only focus. I hadn’t realised I was struggling in this area until coach asked me why I seemed to give God some areas and keep other from Him. God calls us to trust Him and grant an all access pass to shift, cut out, heal, grow and do whatever He needs to so we become the fullness of how He sees us. When we’re healed and whole in Him He’ll determine the next place of love and fulfilment or not. I was holding out because I wanted to have a measure of control.

pexels-photo-235721.jpegI have come face to face with the reality that God has not given me a spirit of fear but a spirit of love, power and a sound mind so I must press on past the things that would previously hold me back into the path He says I follow because I know I can trust Him to make me His perfect showcase that my life may honour Him.

I press on!

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