Beyond Logic

When God says I have got you…don’t doubt it. Rather open your heart and mind. Trust your Father.

Think about Noah. In that day they had never seen rain from the sky so imagine how mad it appeared for him to be talking about this rain that was coming. I imagine the conversations went something like this…

Hey Noah,

Hey Joshua.

What are you building?

An ark


God has said it will rain and flood the earth and only those in this ark will survive.



What is that?

Water from the sky.

Hahahahahaha! Water from the sky?


Yes water from the sky.

How does it come?

I a not sure but God said it will come from the sky.

So why do you need the ark?

God has said, it will rain and he will release the water from beneath and flod the earth to wipe out mankind for its wickedness.

Micah, have you heard this? That God will send rain and open the floodgares of the hearth and sweep away everyone who isn’t in the ark

What Josh? Who is talking such rubbish?

Oh! Noah over here!

Really? Turing to look at Noah pointedly


You want us to believe that water will fall from the skies and flood the earth and kill all who are not in the ark.



Because we have walked away from God and He is angry.

You have lost you mind Noah! You have officially gone mad!!!

Yet Noah obeyed and like a mad man built and built and built. He built this big thing and then to the shock of his neighbours the animals showed up in pairs on God’s cue. Imagine the feeling when God told Noah it is time to get into the ark and wait for his instruction. Then the door closed and was sealed from the outside that no one could open it from the inside. Ah…the first drops of water fell on the heads of the people as they walked along the road, tended the crops in the field and they rushed back to shelter. It only got heavier and heavier and the water begun to rise and they remembered Noah.

What was this? Could he  have been right? Maybe he could still provide refuge. Maybe the big boat could fit them all. They run to the spot where the ark was and knock but Noah cannot open because he wasn’t holding the keys. Alas…they cannot get in. they have missed the opportunity to connect to salvation and new life. They were too late and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Are there things in my life that I am not listening or thinking about? Are there things about my health that I should have dealt with by now? Are there instructions on what to eat and avoid that I am not focusing on? What is pending in this walk? What aren’t I doing? What about other areas haven’t I done? What have I avoided because it was different?

I have found that it is easier to settle in the place we understand. It is easier to be connected and grounded to logic because life has convinced us that God gave us brains so we must use them to the fullest. Oh yes, we must use our brains but there are deeper way. We have been told to be logical and realistic, to use the past as a measure of how, to think and make the most reasonable decision so on and so forth.

I have found that logic will only take one so far. Granted we will see opportunity and options but we will only have a limited view.

The greatness and the magnitude of God lie just one step beyond logic.

When we push past what we have always known and stand there waiting on Him for answers, direction, instructions; it opens up. He desires full trust and openness to His plan and ideas. Today I am choosing to be keen on the word of my Father and connecting to the things He has set out for me to do and become that I may bring him honour.


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