Last week I was busted by coach…oohhh yes! It wasn’t pretty. I had forgotten to send in my digital food diary for a couple of days and when I did…let’s just say it was interesting. I’d eaten loads of starch and sweets and made no apologies for it and I was pretty confident it would pass after all I’d been good for more than 110 days.  Oh boy…wrong thought.

So, let’s discuss your diet this week.

What about it? I replied laughing.

The very fact you are laughing means you know what I am talking about? Where did the fruit and veg go to? Why all the starch and sweets?

It’s been a hard week so it was easier to work with what I had in the house and not have to stress myself.




I just said it was too hard to deal with everything so I dealt with what I could.

That’s not like you.

What do you mean?

What is your credo? What do you live by?

What do you mean?

Don’t you live by #NoExcuses?


So why are you giving me excuses?

It’s not an excuse…it’s a reason.

It’s an excuse as far as I am concerned.

Why do you say that?

Because you are better than this.


After a long day when I want to just go to bed and forget the healthy dinner and working out, I remember that I have an agreement with someone saying no excuses. I know someone who daily says that then goes out and does what she needs to do. It makes me go out and do what I need to do and keep up with my goals. Then you come and tell me you were tired? That just doesn’t fly here.


Oh wow! That one hit between the eyes. What was the real reason I was off track? Why was I covering my tracks with things like I am tired, it was easier, I didn’t feel like? Was that the real reason or was I refusing to deal with something? Later that day I was chatting with my mentor and updating her on progress or lack thereof and I got asked hard questions again. Now I was really listening.

Do you know why you lost focus? She asked

Things were tight so rather than figure it out I just used what was there.

So you went with your own solution instead of inviting God in?

What? Was that what I had done? Gone with my own way without reference to God? oh my! Not good at all

No worries, lesson learnt now what adjustment do we make going forward?

To ask God about everything.

Good. I need you to not hide. Reach out when you need to.


Now I could see. It wasn’t coach going off on me but God using the people I am accountable to, to help me stay the course. To make me course correct for good so I dug in and sought answers. The reason I was messing with my food was simple…laziness. It takes energy to think through what to eat every meal and then prepare it as or after I prepare food for the boys. I do lots of fresh vegetables so I convinced myself it was because I was tired but it wasn’t. It was simple…I was being lazy and there was proof. I had put back almost one kilo since my last weigh in and the culprit is sugar. In my body, increased sugar intake = weight gain. Pretty simple equation!

Just like that, He stripped me of my excuses and foolishness and we restarted our walk.

#NoExcuses #NoLimitations


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