Keep Going

Thanks for not pushing, I know it’s not easy to keep quiet about the lack of workouts… It’s coming back soon.

Trying my best… Now make sure the comeback is sooner than soon before bad man comes out ?.

I don’t like bad man at all so I’m working on it but hopefully by next week.

Good. When next week?


When next week?

Chill man…I’m reworking my internal motivation.

Tuesday it is. Have to hold you accountable you know. ?


The question I was asking myself is how to make it a lasting habit. How do I enjoy working out for the rest of my life? How do I keep going even when it is a long day and I get home beat but didn’t get it done in the morning? How do I keep the joy of working out and not make it like a duty? I need my workout to be a joy because when it is a duty my body doesn’t respond as well and so the toning and weight loss are stunted.

As I dig deep I realise the answer stems from the desire to work out and my why. I have made it work before, was consistent to the point of being addicted to it yet now it is a chore. I have to find a way to dig back in, grab it and hold on. I must reconnect to my motivation, find the cause of disinterest, deal with it, see the triggers and set up mechanisms to deal with them too.


You need to get to the basics. What was your “why” before? What is it now?

It has been and still is “to be able to operate at optimum.”

Good. Glad that’s still there. So what has changed?

It’s just like I’m tired. I just don’t feel like working out, yet I know I need to and want to.

At least you’re honest about it but you need to chuck those excuses. It’s easy to give up when feeling drained. Ironically, that’s when you must push harder and find out what you’re made of. I’ve learned that the hard way and tend to feel ten times better afterward. It’s super rewarding to push and still achieve the goal even when you don’t feel like.

I know that! You know how at work sometimes things feel off but we are able to clear the mind and keep going? Why can’t I do the same here?

Work is different since there are people you answer to and consequences if you don’t perform. A workout is personal. You’re accountable to yourself and can make up reasons for when and where if you want to. Either way, you have a goal and I’m determined you get there. Remember… Commit and don’t give up and I won’t either.

I remember the disclaimer of “don’t start if you aren’t serious.”

Exactly… same one

I’m not saying I’m giving up, I just need to be real with me and find a reason to go on. If I don’t deal with these issues at the root they become too big and I’ll likely stop. I wish I could snap a finger and all the fat disappears, I have a fantastic body and deep commitment to working out.

Hahaha! You got jokes.

Just being honest.

I know! My prayer for you is that you find the energy and success in digging deep. It’s important that you do. Otherwise, you’ll continue riding the perpetual cycle and end up despising quite a few things and people including yourself.


running-runner-long-distance-fitness-40751.jpegDear Father, This journey is all about you and bringing praise to you so help me find my way and stay the course no matter what. You set me on this path so keep me walking to honour you. This place of start-stop is not ideal or your will for me so help me stay on course, help me keep the faith, help me finish the race. I rest in You and Your love for me now and always.

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