I Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off Her

I saw her as soon as I walked in

Cute, carefree, smiling

Standing on the sidelines

But clearly in command

And I couldn’t take my eyes off her


When I looked around the room

I wasn’t the only one watching

Others looked her way every time she laughed

All trying to do it casually

I couldn’t take my eyes off her


She was clearly out of my reach

More refined than I could ever be

Well spoken, well read, well dressed

Likely more exposed than me

I couldn’t take my eyes off her


Then she turned and smiled at me

I turned and looked around just to be sure

She laughed and rolled her eyes

Then headed straight to me

I couldn’t take my eyes off her


‘Good evening’ she said

‘Welcome to the party

And don’t look so shocked

We have been waiting for you to arrive’

I couldn’t speak; I was shocked


How did she know who I was?

Why was she expecting me?

What was the catch?

Who set me up

I couldn’t speak; I was shocked


She laughed at the look on my face

Turned back to the bar and nodded

A server drink in hand walked towards us

And came to stand in front of me

I couldn’t speak; I was shocked


A sip of the drink and I was stunned

Just what I was thinking of ordering

Who was this woman & how did she know me well

What had I stepped into?

Would I regret this moment?


The music changed, the lights dipped

A follow spot appeared to be searching the room

The crowd went silent, they followed the light

And I followed it too around the room

Until it rested on me


I turned to her standing in the light with me

A million questions rushing through my mind

She smiled at me and said aloud

“Good evening sir, happy 40th birthday

We hope you have a blast.”

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