Agreeing Is Such A Different Thing

How can two walk together unless they agree – Amos 3:3

I have always thought walking in agreement was about ‘being of identical mind purpose and commitment’ but alas, it is not so.

I am thinking of my people, the ones I walk live and interact with. Over the years we have had fights because they didn’t tick the boxes on my list and vice versa. HA! I even spouted the word about two having to fully agree on ALL points to be able to walk together. We can tell countless stories about people we have had disagreements with because they are not walking as we are or as we think they  need to and they don’t agree on the things that are important to us or understand it like we do. We know of others judged and thrown out of fellowship because of having seemingly contrary opinions. I can see some of you nodding your heads; but take a deep breath and read on.

The last few weeks and months have been proof to me that the agreement God is most keen on is that we are have agreed that we are dedicated to walking with Him. Agreement is to about God, based on the things He has said, the direction He is leading us and the end result we must produce for Him. However, the exact model of living out won’t be the same because we are not clones.

There are places that based on my person, purpose and process I will have to go to and roads I will have to walk will not be so for my sister or brother. Yes, we will still come to the full expression of who God is, how He works in us but the path to there or the exact steps to take will never, yes never, be identical for any two of us.

We have spent years judging and condemning one another because we lived by a strict code or set of rules said to have been given to us by God. We have applied the same code to others in blanket rigidity without reference to how God would have our lives lived out.

Remember David, the mighty king and man of God? Remember when he came back from war celebrating victory and he was danced with the people until his robe fell off? Remember how his wife despised him for this because her pattern was decorum and holding herself together and this madness he was doing in the streets was shameful to her? She didn’t even take time to consider or ask him why before she judged him and therefore suffered barrenness. Why did she suffer? She judged David’s expression as unbecoming and unworthy for the king yet it was the perfect expression that God needed at that exact time.

The thing that got her in trouble and will get us in trouble, was the judgment of an expression of God as something different.

I can see how it could be embarrassing for her to see her husband doing this but what if she stopped and asked God what this was about and how she should respond to it? Suppose she remembered how he was raised and who he was in God would she have made the same judgment? There was a great disconnect.

David had been prepared very carefully for this day. He had spent time in fields with God being honed carefully for this day. I can imagine him in the fields singing and dancing like there was no one watching, deep in conversation and worship of God. His dancing that day, was the outward expression of him and his relationship with God.

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No more with me!! I choose this day to ask Him about everyone I am to walk with and be aware of how each one must live and how I integrate to the process and live like that only. There is nothing that will get me off this path this time because it is the best way to His rest and His glory. Walking together is being so deeply steeped in God, His word and His plan that we know how to lend strength to one another.

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