Always strong now weak

Always stable now broken

Always smiling now sad

Always bubbly now silent


Always clear now confused

Always a pillar now a stump

Always on point now off track



The imbalance is too much

It is hard to keep up

This weakness is hard to deal with

It is too messy for us


Who will reach out?

Who will understand?

Who will connect?

Who will stand alongside?


Why are you so imbalanced?

Why are you so out of whack?

Why are you so off track?

Why are you so lost?


Why are you so fearful?

Why are you so broken?

Why are you so different?

Why are you so shakeable?


Where is your faith?

Where is your hope?

Where is your strength?

Where is your power?


Where is your ready plan?

Where is your balance?

Where is your strength?

Where is your God?


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