Authentic Conversations

How many conversations can you have a day?

I thought it would be few, but the last few weeks have really taught me that I can handle more than I ever thought especially when they are about things, I am passionate about. Recently I spent six hours in conversation between meetings and phone calls and in person conversations. It got me thinking of how important what we say is.

Every conversation was distinct but had a common thread. Each one was as unique as the individual on the other end but there was a common thread. The one thing they all had was the push to become better, learn more and move forward. It was so interesting.

Conversations are lifeā€¦big life.

The conversations brought insight into situations that at the start looked dreary. They drew the curtains back on the real reasons behind the way things are and allowed us to see the truth previously hidden. There is something about open curtains and the ability to see again. It gives clarity and hope when you know what you are working with.

One thing that really caught my attention was that when the curtains were open the thing on the other side of the curtain was dirty windows. Our view is hindered when the window is dirty. Our view is obscured so we cannot see the beauty or the challenges on the other side. It gives us a false sense of safety because we cannot see it but trouble could easily sneak up on us.

Conversations are all about quality not quantity.

Quality conversations are about depth and honesty, truth, and reliability. They bring people together and help us understand our foundations, what drives us and where we are going. It is all about learning new things about each other and understanding that we are all growing so we can give each other room and support to do so.  

As I think of conversations, I remember many conversations that we could not have as we grew up. There were so many topics that were not kosher because the adults around us were not willing to indulge and our young mouths would ask all the same, only to be shut down. That is why conversations are so important to me.

So, I am wondering how more of us can learn to have more authentic conversations. Do you have any ideas you would like to share?

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