These children of Rachel:

The sons of Jacob hated their brother Joseph and they planned to kill him but they opted to sell him. Fast forward to the day they sat in front of Joseph even if they didn’t know him when they met him. He was do different.

I can imagine the sons of Jacob rolling their eyes inwardly watching Benjamin in Egypt.

You see, they had systematically hated their half brother Joseph the son of Racheal. He was their father’s favourite, the snitch of the group and the one dreaming of being the leader. He was definitely smoking something free because as the second youngest and definitely not the born leader in the family.

They sell him off and tell the old man that he must have been killed by a wild animal. The old man’s heart breaks with grief and he holds tightly onto the last born. Benjie now cannot leave camp or be out of his line of sight. The older boys all have children and begin to understand what they did to their father and it settles that they were not fair.

The time comes when they need to go back to Egypt to get more food and they cannot go without Benjie which breaks their father’s heart but alas…can you imagine being in the presence of a foreign king and seated in order of your age. Then you look down the table and little Benjie has five times the food they have on their plates. Can you see it now? I can imagine one or two of them saying, ‘These children of Racheal!’

Can you imagine how their hearts beat?

Who are the “children of Racheal” in your life? Those people who always seem to attract favour and goodness. Those people who life seems to make easy and take care of. Could it be that they are more than just lucky? Could it be that someone higher was orchestrating things that are beyond our understanding? Could it be that they are just in their zone and their provision is at work?

As I was thinking about the “children of Rachel” I realised that they are people who have entered their place in God and are willing to remain focused even in the hardest times. They are people in position for their provision to arrive. They are those who know who they are in God. In that case…

Do you know any “children of Rachel”?

How do you know them? They see more, hear more, know more. They have provision, they seem favoured. They work on things and succeed. Doors open for them and even in the hardest of times they thrive. They face adversity but overcome each time. They meet roadblocks and find ways through them. They never lack in any way and thrive wherever you plan them.

They know who their God is and follow Him diligently. They are committed to His plan, path, desires and follow relentlessly. They are unshaken by the adversity they find in their way. They are faithful, hopeful, joyful, and graceful even in the most challenging times. Nothing and no one stops them because they know their God and they do exploits for His names sake.

I am a child of Rachel.

I am growing deeper in Him. I have provision, I have wisdom, I have knowledge beyond my years. It is clear to me that even in hard times there are pathways that open and allow me to remain on the path. It isn’t always easy but room is always made for me.

Every day I step deeper into His arms and every day I understand more. Join me on the journey to be His Children.

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