4 Keys to an Outstanding Life

There are people who speak and do it for long because they have time and others who are clear about their content and speak shot but clear messages. Recently I listened to Randolph Tindika and it really shifted a few things for me.

First off, it was simple, short and sweet and in the same breath it was extensively deep. As I thought about it, I realised that these are elements we need to share with one another.  

Prepare thoroughly: Do not assume that the journey will be easy or that you will always gave provision. Prepare to carry what you need for the journey yet travel light. Carry only what you need and can carry. My first major continental trip was from Nairobi to Johannesburg by bus. We were travelling for several weeks, and I had carried a wide variety of clothes and needed accessories; a big back pack and two other smaller bags. All was well until we crossed into Zambia and the Botswana and the distance, we had to walk with our bags was long. Suffice it to say, I changed how I packed after that day, focusing on things I could reuse and only what I absolutely needed and could carry myself. The same applies to life. Let go of everything that hinders and travel with a clear focus on where you are going.

Do not fall for the shining stars: along the journey, there will always be things that are attractive enough to take our attention away from the real things. They look pretty and like blessings yet they are simple distractions that will take us in the wrong direction. We must learn to test everything and be sure that what we are focusing on is not just a pretty thing but are the real reward for us.

Sacrifice is the tool of promotion: I keep thinking about David, Daniel and joseph. I think we can also add Esther to this list. They lost almost everything, a word was given but it took a while to manifest. Some really suffered for a very long time and didn’t lose heart of the prize God had set out for them. At the end of the journey, they earned recognition, position and impact like never before. We do things not for the outer recognition but for the realisation that what we are doing and the path we are walking will being us all the way young into to the word of God and the plan as it had been set out. When we let go of the need to have it all and lay our lives down for the plan of God, elevation is the end result. Isn’t that worth more than simple manipulation of the process?

Determine to make the greatest impact: What can your life produce? How many people can you influence? What can God do with your life if you allow him? Our lives are the sum total of our choices and commitment to stay the course. We are destined to leave footprints in the sand for other to follow or trails in uncharted lands for people to follow. How then can we settle to be average and boring? Now can we settle to be the ones who repeat the same tactics over and over expecting different results? We can’t.

Our calling in the name of our Lord and Saviour is to be utterly outstanding and influential in everything we do, but not of ourselves. “Every good and prefect thing comes from above from the lord of love…” He knows the end from the beginning, He has already predetermined our place and the way we interact with life. He is the one who deserves all our energy and focus because “He who begun the good work in us is faithful and just to forgive us and cleans us from all unrighteousness.” There is no excuse as to why we cannot rise into our fullness in the plan of God.

My charge is to know who I am in the presence of God and live that out all the days of my life and behold His greatness and live by it.

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