Too Hard? Really?

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These words have been running through my heart and mind and I have had the great pleasure and opportunity to understand that I either believe it as true or believe it as true….does that make sense? Let me explain.

Very often we say things like “Nothing is impossible with God,” but in the back of our minds or in the recesses of our hearts we aren’t really sure. Ok, don’t be shocked by that because at the end of the day the truth we believe in is revealed in our innermost thoughts. Each of us has had a day when we said it out loud for the sake of our faith but in the depths of our hearts the happenings around us had made us wonder if this statement was actually true. I have in the last few years literally had everything I believed in came crashing to a halt and forced me to deal conclusively and decisively with the questions my life was asking me. I know there are many who have also been there and share in the lessons I have learnt.

The last few weeks the songs that have rang in my spirit have been along the lines of “Nothing is impossible with God.” The one that keeps ringing in my heart and mind is Sarah K’s song Kwani ni jambo, ipi hilo, Yeye asiloliweza?

Kwani ni jambo lipi hilo yeye asiloliweza (What is it,That He cannot handle?) x2


Liseme, liseme, (Say it)
litaje, litaje (Mention it)
Kwani ni jambo lipi hilo yeye asiloliweza (What is it,That He cannot handle?) x2

Yeye ni Baba wa yatima (He’s the father of the fatherless)

Yeye ni mume wa wajane (He’s the husband to the widows)
Kwani ni jambo lipi hilo yeye asiloliweza (What is it,That He cannot handle?) x2
Yeye ni mponyaji (He is the Healer)
Yeye ni mkarimu (He is generous)
Mlinzi, mfariji wa ajabu (Guardian and the great comforter)
Kwani ni jambo lipi hilo yeye asiloliweza (What is it,That He cannot handle?) x2

I heard this song anew about a month ago and it raised questions in my heart that I have really thought about at every free moment. It has been a season of deep questions because I want to know what my pattern with God. I want to know how God works with, in and through me. I want to know for sure that the road I am walking is the road that God intended for me since my creation in His mind. I have asked myself again and again what it is that seems too hard for God that I can say it and ask Him to answer.

So every time since when I feel stuck, cornered or lost, I pause. When I feel like things are impossible, I stop and ask what I am doing or not doing that has me in this place? What is the hook that holds me in this place? Who do I need to connect to or disconnect from to reach the next level of my walk with God? Where do I need to start focusing and focus less on to make it from here to the next level? These questions are all new to me because in the past I would assume the cause was external to me. As I have asked them, I have begun to understand my pattern and it is different from everything I had ever thought in the past.

Remember Numbers 23:19, “God is not a human who lies, or a mortal who changes his mind. When he says something,

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he will do it; when he makes a promise, he will fulfill it. (CJB). So if He has said it, He will do it means that if it is not happening there is something I need to figure out that has to be corrected so that His word can come to pass and His glory established.

Going back to the question in the air, what is too hard for God? I have began to understand that when I fully connect to what God has for me my life and understanding changes and then nothing would be impossible because my path is right and my faith is strong so that even as I wait for things to work I know that I know that I know it will indeed come. I would be able to talk to Him and understand what is going on around me and speak His life into life around me hence change things. In this space then the truth of life would showcase the indeed ‘Nothing is impossible with God’. Wow! Mmmmmhhhh, #FoodForThought.

Luke 1:37, “For with God, nothing is impossible.”  (CJB)

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