Truly Alive

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Life is lived out through a job, family, commitments, connections and communication. There are set areas of influence which I have to impact, challenge and change. There are things I have used as the benchmark and plumb line of my life yet in essence they were the wrong measure of my life. I have come to understand that I must judge my life based on my understanding of the plan and word of God for me and not the plan of God for another. We are all alive to bring honour and glory to God but the actual out working of this is different in each of us and is based on His individual plan for each of us. Yes, God has an individual plan for each of us and we must set our hearts and minds on discovering what this plan is and how it needs to be worked out.

So the question I have been asking is, what standard do I use to judge my place in life and my level of success? Is it the one that I was taught at home or in school or the one I have heard from the mouth and heart of God? Is success the job I hold, the car I drive, the place I live, the clothes I wear, my net worth, the people I know, the people who know me? Is success living and thriving in the middle of everything God has asked of me? What is the mark of success and completion in me?

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For so long I had benchmarked my life with the achievements and dreams and visions of others forgetting the differences between us and the individual call of God on each of our lives. I had wanted to be like so and so, have the connections of so and so and the reach of so and so. I wanted the clarity of one, the depth of another and the success of yet another. This has meant that when I looked around me at my friends, I felt like I was mark timing. Even as I did this I knew that we are different and each of us has a different call therefore a different reach. Then one day, after lots of questions, rumblings, wonderings and asking again, God finally began to make sense. His superior plans and intense levels of creativity begun to be clear to me in a way I could understand.

In that moment I understood critical things about pattern and platform that have evaded me for so long. J My gift is tied to my platform and my pattern. Each of us has a platform and pattern we just need to understand it by spending time with God and hearing His word.

My pattern is how God works in, with and through me to reveal Himself clearly and fulfil the reason I am on this earth.

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My platform is the space on this earth that I live out the plan of God. This is the place to meet God and walk in His way. It is the space that He works out my life with me. It is like school, apprenticeship and the living out all in one.

So for instance, if I was created to influence governance, there is a specific place that I thrive best, a set of connections I need to engage with that will create the opportunities I need to function at the very best of my gifting. The opportunities are already around me in my family, church, workplace, business, community organisation, political scene or global leadership platform. I must therefore find the place I am destined to influence and work there with all my heart, mind and soul and thrive with all that is placed on my plate. As I do this my life unfolds in immensely different ways and I begin to bring honour and glory to God in everything I do. Sounds simple enough right? Sure it does.

So, think about this…Every time I try to live my life as someone else I make a mockery of God and His plan for my life. Every time I want something someone else has and complain, (even if it is in silent recesses of my heart) I tell God that He made a mistake when He gave me my role in life. Yet in His wisdom and creative design for me He established me to be absolutely amazing once I connect to who I am in Him and begin to become that. If I would just stop and really find that place of connection to His will and plan for me, I would see it all in perspective.

So this is the road I am now walking.

  • Connecting to the heart of God for me.
  • Finding my place in the depths of His will
  • Finding my platform and pattern for operation
  • Bringing God the greatest honour and glory
  • Reaching the multitudes I must.

Are you willing to join me in this walk of discovery of divine purpose in our lives? I sure hope so because the days of greatness that awaits us when we do so are amazing. Greatness in the eyes of God is different from greatness of the world.

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