Living It Out Differently

Image Courtesy of Wilson Mrema Kyalo

Image Courtesy of Wilson Mrema Kyalo

Hi Daddy
Hi love, all good?
Errmmmm…not sure.
why?What’s up?
I’ve been thinking a lot
Our conversations
Your perspectives are really odd
My perspectives? I thought we were on the same page…
Tihihihi…sometimes I wonder
About what?
My life, my thoughts, my patterns…everything
What about them?
Just how different it things are
Like how different?
Well, the other day I had was heading home on my usual route
Usual route?
Yes usual route
Had you asked God about the route?
About the route?

Yes, whether indeed that was the way you were to get home
Of course, but why do you ask?
Simple really, you said usual route, so you could have just been doing the usual instead of the appointed.
Mmmhhh, hadn’t thought about that.

Jean was lost in thought for a few moments before Daddy restarted his line of inquisition
Ok, so you were coming home
Yes, I was coming home & it begun raining very heavily, I got stranded and wet as I waited for it stop. I was totally shocked because God & I have a deal about me getting wet
A deal?
Yes, we have a deal that whatever happens I don’t get rained on
Why? Will you dissolve?
Daaady! Surely!!! Of course not
So why was that deal in place?
It just is and has been for a long time. Does every deal need a purpose?
Of course…God’s covenants always have a reason and intended outcome or end. By the way, I’m assuming that by deal you mean covenant with God
Mmhhhh yes, covenant with God. Somehow here is another one I hadn’t really thought about
You must think through everything, be certain that everything is in the right position and attitude and is connected directly to His scheme of things
Don’t I ever get a day off?
Nope, always on duty…. So you were saying?

Image courtesy of Wilson Mrema Kyalo

Image courtesy of Wilson Mrema Kyalo

Oh yeah, it started raining when I was past the bus stops that have shelters so I got drenched. That day the rain caught me unaware so I had no umbrella, no car, a light sweater and materials that would get spoilt if they got wet. I was so worked up that I was complaining and asking God why He’d allowed this to happen to me. His simple answer was, ‘Why not you?’
Indeed, why not?
For real…Even you?
Even me what?
You agree with God’s question?

Well, it’s really simple to me, the question I ask is why should you be missed & another one hit? What should protect you from things that are hard?
Until He asked that question, I felt that I should be exempt from hardship and struggle. That I should be protected and kept away from bad things
Because I am His child
Really daddy?

Really! So?

As my father, wouldn’t you protect me from all hardship?
Not really!
What? Surely Daddy…why?
Hardship is good for you
Excuse me? What is that?
I said hardship is good for you.
Pray do tell… How is hardship good for me?

It forces you to grow and find God in a deeper and richer relationship. It refines you and removes the dross from the finished product. It’s just good for you. Plain and simple!

So you wouldn’t protect me from it?
Nope, in fact I just might push you into it nose first

For real?


Image courtesy of Wilson Mrema Kyalo

Image courtesy of Wilson Mrema Kyalo

What kind of father would you be?
Honestly? The best kind! The  kind who makes sure his children succeed & stand on their own feet & change the world around them.
Heh! Ok…
Let me ask, is God a bad Father because He allowed you to get wet?
There was a lesson.
What was the lesson?
That He is everywhere and with me no matter the situation.
Could He have used another way to teach the same lesson?
So why the wettest, coldest way?
I don’t know
That’s the point, as your Father He chooses the best way to teach you the lesson & it’s rarely in your preferred way.
What happens if I get upset & pout?
Oh, the situation persists till the life lesson is learnt.
Yup! He knows what you need for the journey & He has to prepare you or you’ll die in the process.
And you’d do the same?
Absolutely! How many times have I told you something and when you ignore I let you feel the pain of it?
Let me add, I also pray that God would orchestrate things that you may learn
You do?
So hardship could be coming my way because of you?
Remember I said I would push you into hardship nose first if it’d help you?
So which do you think I pray: Lord protect her from trouble OR Lord help her grow in you?
Lord help her grow….

Image courtesy of Wilson Mrema Kyalo

Image courtesy of Wilson Mrema Kyalo

Absolutely true. think of it like this…When your child is learning to walk, you hold their hand but at times you also let them fall right?

When they fall, you pick them up dust them off and encourage then to try again. Sometimes when they make themselves fall to get your attention you turn away and let them get themselves together first…right?

So how different is that from me praying that you grow even if it’s through a bit of trouble?
I will always give you what you need to grow. It could be a hug, scolding, a beating, distance, silence… whatever you need from me trust me you will get. It may not be what you want, but it will always be what you need.

Be honest with yourself, do you expect an easy life because you serve God? It’s not to be, however, in this walk His is in us, with us and around us all the way.

Don’t lose sight of Him, He loves you dearly. Blessings.

6 thoughts on “Living It Out Differently

  1. Kathy Mwathi

    #StoryOfMyLife shocked at how this is me…..nkt! Truth is not savoury right? But it must be said. my best part:
    “How is hardship good for me?

    It forces you to grow and find God in a deeper and richer relationship. It refines you and removes the dross from the finished product. It’s just good for you. Plain and simple!

    1. kyesubire Post author

      Indeed…this is a great time to raise your hands in the air and know that even when it doesn’t make human sense there is a divine explanation. Let’s keep walking together

  2. Sarati Richard

    Indeed This Living It Out Is What Goes On In Many Families. Good Reads You Have Here. Can’t Stop Sharing It With My Online Community. Keep On Inspiring Us!


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