What I Do In Private Is Who I Am.

How does honesty help in the process? Oh simple…What I do in private is who I really am.

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It is easy to tell people what to do, what I do, how I do it and live like that when people are seeing and looking but it is possible that I am not truly that. How often do we do and say things when people are there but when we are alone…ah!!! It is a different story. So many of us are two faced and it is costing us big time.

Let me give perspective. I am on a low carb diet and moving deeper into keto every day, exercising three to five times a week as I share the lessons online. People are listening to me, reading my posts and seeing the changes but do they know the full story? Am I telling the truth that there are days when I am not doing so well? These are the days I have a desire for a muffin and eat it but because I am on this low carb shift, will post it online? I can say that no one will know but isn’t God with me at all times? Can’t He see what is actually going on? Isn’t it sad for Him to watch me lie to the world?

Right there, is the process that can save or kill me.

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If I choose to keep talking one thing and doing other things in the hidden place, then I am deceived. Yes, even as I deceive others…I am the one who is deceived!!! It doesn’t matter if no one else knows what I am doing because I have already fried myself. When I made the choice to follow the instruction to get on this path, I set myself up for a process but even deeper than that, it was an agreement between me and God not coach and I. Coach is simply the tool, the help God sent to give me direct strength to keep going.

This means that I must daily choose honesty between God and I no matter what and then share only what HE says. This level of honesty therefore enables me to live truthfully, learn honestly, shift permanently and therefore have the impact God has determined my life would produce. It is what serves as the valley where the seed is planted, watered, lessons are learnt and then the fruit is visible in and out of season. It is the place of proof of my life in God.

Remembering ‘What I do in private is really who I am,’ holds me to account. I am here and keep going because this is process between God and I…period. This is the reason I can go on every day because it demands such a level of commitment and consistency that I would never be able to do it alone.

The daily choice to live honestly with God is what makes my life count. Period!

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I thought I had understood honesty after the last post then I had a conversation with my Daddy about something seemingly unrelated. I was sharing something I was struggling with and asking him how to remain neutral in God until I am sure about His word over the matter. His answer was simple… ‘Practice!’ Ok, that is simple enough because I understand practice based on the process I am in. Daily effort; daily choice; doing it over and over until it becomes part of you. I got this one down!!

Then he said, ‘Incidentally, you had control of the situation.’ This left me scratching my head and looking inward to see what needed to be dealt with. I have control? oh wow! Yes I do. I daily decide what I will do, when, how and with whom. I can say I am tired and do nothing, or I am craving sugar and indulge or I can choose to be patient and allow God to show me the right combinations of everything and live by that… indeed, I have control.

I must constantly judge myself, my actions, motives, thoughts, desires and hopes to ensure that they are in the right place with God and I am still on the path. My walk is between me and God about the word I received from Him and accepted.

Honesty is about being truthful to the word of God over my life and living it right albeit course correcting every moment of life.

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