The Simple Life

If You Ever Needed To Be Ready…

Life has to be about more than sitting on the side-lines.

Remember when I said that life currently feels like I am sitting on the side-lines waiting for something to happen? Remember the level of frustration that has caused? Well, a few things have changed since…thank God. I have understood that this is a time to learn, train and improve my sight until I am ready to be deployed in the field. Deployed you ask? Yes deployed, for I am a soldier in the army of God.

My favourite questions in life, who are you and what are you hear for, have been repeated so much this weekend that I have been asking them with a new intensity and to everyone I speak to. Understanding and answering them properly gives me the right premise for life and deep effectiveness that gets me past greed and selfishness.

It became very clear to me that the world has a space that is shaped exactly like me and if I don’t rise and fill it I will not be everything God determined for my days. If I am too small, I am not effective. If I am too big, I am not effective. If my shape is lopsided, I am not effective. I have to be just the right size, in the right place and it has to be just the right time for it all to work out well.

That is what I am working towards today.

John 4 tells the story of the Samaritan woman. I know you know the story and yes, I reference it a lot. We always focus on her choices, lifestyle and how she had so many men that we miss other pertinent points. Do you think it was a mistake that she was born Samaritan in a town that no Jew would go into willing? Was it a mistake that after years of loss and bad behaviour the Saviour would walk to her town, say he was hungry, send his boys to buy food and plant himself by the well at noon? Was it a fluke that she walked out when he was alone and he spoke to her about many things?

You don’t have to answer.

Again, wasn’t it odd that she was so well versed in her knowledge of the religious views of both the Jews and the Samaritans? Why was she so confident to have this kind of conversation with a strange Jewish man? Where was her confidence from? Why was so secure in chatting? How did she become such a strong personality and so eloquent? Interesting questions the show the true mastery of God and Creation.

God knew that the people of Samaria needed what His son carried and so He (God) set it up for this beautiful, very flawed woman to be there to meet him. Wait…what? You don’t think she was beautiful? Well, what attracted the men to her? It is likely that the very thing that drew them in was the thing that sent them running for the hills…a deep dark beauty? That is what I think about…she had to have something attractive about her.

As a key part of the plan, this woman was earmarked, selected and allowed to live a life that would cause her to be in place to meet Christ and change her community in a blink. One conversation, one water pot, one request, one mind shift, one touch of the love of God and BOOM!!!! Samaria was different and the very people who despised, cast away and helped her destroy her life were following her back to Saviour.

She definitely wasn’t a mistake.

Her life positioned her to be the right voice, messenger, and emissary to share the transforming love of God. Her town was changed because when the time came she was trained and in place even as she didn’t know she was. Can you imagine how the first conversation with people was? Can you see the shock on their faces as they listened and wondered who she had met? Then she mentions a man who told her everything she had done and she was excited telling them, it was important to go meet him.

It always had to be a man who changed her life.

Yet this time, there was something different. It wasn’t the look of sexual, financial or social satisfaction. She was sated in a way they had never seen and they had to meet the guy who did this for her. They could see the difference and even as she didn’t know what tools she had in her tool kit. She wasn’t totally aware of everything she was but that didn’t stop her from radiating it to the world around her.

What about you?

The current state of world affairs has many people stranded because there’s no production coming out of China, the airline industry globally has taken a hit, tourism is down, countries and communities are on lock down, the stock for many small businesses is stopped because of no production in China and some countries do not have sources of food. There are major spaces in the global community opening up for new sets of players…do you know what is available in your field?

Look at Israel, the world is waiting with baited breath for her to provide an antidote. It was reported last week that they have made major strides towards its development. How long will it take? Some say 90 days, others say 120 days…truth is, only they know. They are a credible nation because they have been on the frontline of adaptation all their lives. There are things in their history that haven’t made sense but they have never failed to step up and step in to help resolve challenges when they have the answer…never!!!

What is going on around you that is designed for your input?

Life has taken you down very specific roads that are dedicated to you and the path you need to follow. Where you were born and everything you have endured or enjoyed has built you in a very specific way that is to benefit the world. You weren’t sent here to just coast through life and just be. You were sent here to change the lives of a very specific set of people in a very specific way. You are not and will never be a mistake unless you take your life off the rails and fall off the track.

What position do you need to take that will open up your mind to the realities tied to you? Take time to find and understand these because the world is awaiting you and all you carry. Rise and take your place; rise and take your place; rise and take your place; you are of absolute importance.

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19 For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. 20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; 21 because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of [a]corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. 23 Not only that, but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body. Rom 8:19-23.

The Simple Life

God’s word needs more hands & feet.

Child of God,  do you see?
Are your eyes really open?
Are you aware things have changed?

Child of God, do you understand?
Do you know what the times mean?
Do the seasons make sense?

Child of God, can you resolve matters?
Is your life fully productive?
Does your life bring answers?

The world is depending on your ability to see
It needs you to understand clearly
It calls you to resolve the things around you.

Your challenge isn’t the man
Your challenge is his socialisation
You an integral part of it.

Child be aware of what’s in you
There is an inward aggression
There is anger from the past

Be careful not to be chauvinistic
Be aware of false umbrellas of culture
Question every concept you know

Lean into God this season
Press in to learn depth
Pursue God with diligence

He desires a man
One who seeks Him only
One who desires to know Him

To know God is a privilege
Your are responsible for that
Be wise how you use the knowledge

As you live out what you have now
Much more will be layered
His depth will be added

Be careful how you live
Represent God right
Showcase an expression of Him yet unseen

God’s word needs more hands and feet.

The Simple Life


The battle became fierce

The separation came to a head

The silence got louder

The sadness deepened


Tears fell

Smiles faded

Hearts broke

Hope fizzled


Words failed

Thoughts congealed

Clarity ran away

Only a prayer rose


A broken heart

A weary spirit

A life squeezed out

Joy stripped away


Is this how you are Papa?

Do you break us deliberately?

Do you allow the ground to shift?

Do you let it all collapse?


What did I miss?

What didn’t I hear?

Where should I have looked?

What was I to see?


It’s too dark here

I can’t see a thing

It’s too bleak here

I can’t even dream


It’s dreadfully quiet

There’s no one to speak to

It’s desperately lonely

I can’t stay too long


Defend me oh Father

I cannot defend myself

Teach me to fight for me

I don’t know how to


Protect me oh Lord

Have mercy on my people

Stand guard I beg

Surround us


Be merciful oh God

For I am lost

Teach me Your way

Show me Your truth


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The Simple Life

I Am A Bother!

My father can’t stand me

He screams at me all the time

He curses my choices and thoughts

He wishes I was never born

He’d rather not provide for me

I am a bother!


He favours my siblings

He talk and laughs with them

He meets their needs

He builds relationships with them

I am just a bother!


My mother hates me

She rejected me from the start

She ignores me most of the time

She doesn’t care if I am home or not

She blames me for everything

I am a bother!


People don’t like me

They stop talking when I walk in

They talk about me behind my back

They set me up to fail

I am a bother!


People are out to get me

They make sure I am alone

They focus their frustration on me

I am always alone in the crowd

I am a bother!


Why am I always the target?

Why is it so easy for me to be singled out?

Why does my life attract bad things?

Why can’t it be different?

I am a bother!


I am a bother to my parents

I am bother to my family

I am bother to my schoolmates

I am a bother everywhere

Truly, I am a bother!


Why would God create me like this?

Did He actually create me to be here?

Am I designed as an easy target?

Am I destined to be a bull’s eye?

I am a bother!


Why can’t anyone love me?

Why can’t anyone take time for me?

Why can’t joy find me?

Why can’t my life change?

Why oh why?


What did I do to deserve this?

Why did this happen to me?

Who thought I needed this?

Why is my life like this?

What didn’t I do?


Why is my life like this?

Will I know happiness?

Will I know hope?

Will I know love?

Will I know peace?


Will I ever know better?

The Simple Life, Walking with God

Unexpected Source

Recently I have had many conversations about stagnation, self-doubt and struggle. One thing I didn’t expect was the common cause of the situation; I mention it in a moment. Remember what I said about setting the stage at home for potential radicalisation? Let me take it a little further.

Home is meant to be the place of building, encouraging, mentorship that will raise a solid individual for life. Yet there’s no perfect home because homes are made up of humans creating life and doing the best they can with the skills they have. So imagine a person raised in an abusive home unaware of the impact and having built in the mechanisms to cope joining with another similarly crippled. What kind of environment could develop? Contrast with one raised in a stable loving home. How different would this home be? Now find these two together, building a home…I won’t even go there.

Many of us were unwittingly exposed to extreme situations at home  and we acquire certain behaviours as we grow up based on this. An abusive parent creates an atmosphere of fear, doubt, anger and hurt with no possible solution and outlet. An absent parent creates a gap in training and connection leading to confusion, hurt, anger and pain. An overbearing parent creates a sense of uncertainty and the inability to decide.

The common result is…Pain…lots of pain.

Ongoing conversations around me have uncovered insane levels of pain covered up in low self-esteem, self-hatred, demanding behaviour, a sense of entitlement, anger, lashing out, withdrawal, silence, mood swings, binge behaviours, outward conformity, ‘obedience’, and a plethora of other things. We learn early to appear to be what is expected of us regardless of how we feel until we are outside the situation and are able to become ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why people ‘change’ when they leave home or get that dream job or get married or leave the country? Well, often once we are out of the environment that makes us feel the pressure. What we don’t realise is that the pain is still there in the background, undercover, hidden until we get to a trigger situation and it comes out like a full on explosion breaking through the veneer of calm and goodness.

A recent conversation has me looking back at my own journey with pain.

I lived under the spotlight of the Christian community, active in church, engaged in ministry and loving it all the way. Our home had an open door policy and so many people were in or out. I was a stellar student until high school and on the surface it was all good. The truth is different because I was struggling but had learnt the skill of masking and covering.

Different situations created pressure, hurt and anger that was simply put aside after prayer assuming it would go away. Intense emotions were shoved into the background because I believed that when you walk with God pain is not my portion and so it will just disapper…poof. The pain of broken relationships, disappointment, personal failings and societal expectations became the press that would in time break my external shell and me.

One day in my adult life, it all crashed and I wept for days then walked through it for months.

The pain was so deep and being one who didn’t cry it was the most insane feeling ever. It has taken a lot of deliberate daily dealing to remain in balance including walking away but these had to be learned. Looking back was almost impossible because it was dark and bleak but I knew I had to and I knew that was the way to healing.

I couldn’t reach out to many people for help because I was a pillar in my community and most couldn’t deal with this struggling side. Finally, my can do personality and strong exterior was the perfect deterrent for questions. My saving grace was the love of a Father, medication, the ability to journal, a form of prayer and psychology knowledge gained from reading my mother’s books since I was twelve. Story for another day!!!

So what about those who don’t have access to information and the services needed to deal? What happens in families who believe that certain behaviour or traits like anger are  part of their genetic makeup yet it is a learnt pattern of dealing with it? What happens to the young man who is struggling with a sense of failure who takes it out on a weaker person? Does he find peace? What of the woman who finally explodes after years of abuse, picks the knife and stabs her man? Does jail or the death penalty really help her?

Pain is part of our fabric and we need to deal with it carefully.

Pain fundamentally changes who we are and will keep affecting us until we deal with it. Pain can cause individuals to do seemingly unconventional things. Despite how difficult, dealing with pain is the best way to come to terms with our past, accept the things we cannot change and make the choice to be different and thrive in the present and future.

Some of my children are wounded deeply. The pain is driving them nearly insane and they don’t know how to deal. Asking them to track the pain leads to deep sighs because it will hurt like crazy to do so and many walk way. Some take out their anger on God, others on life, others on family and even others on themselves. Some, very few, are choosing to deal with the pain, one breath, look, tear, scream, conversation, hope and dream at a time.

Just like me, there have been and will be instances of breakdowns, some private and some very public, that though embarrassing, are the key to resolution. As I look at my young ones, I realise that we all must deal with our pasts and the behaviour that is affecting others. Each one must see how their upbringing has affected them and is affecting their present.

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The Simple Life

Grace Tied To The Divine

Papa I feel imbalanced and lost

I feel so alone and deserted yet I shouldn’t

I feel as if I have been left alone in the back side of the desert

I am scared I won’t know the way back


How do I rebalance and re-establish my path?

How do I find a reason to get up and walk on?

How do I figure out how to be happy and whole no matter what?

How do I make the shift back to me alone?


It feels as if my heart is heavy and alone

My mind is clogged because of unspoken worry

My aura is looking for its link and plug in

And in the end I am utterly alone


I feel disconnected and I don’t know what to do

I feel distanced and can’t find a way to the beach

It feels like I am lost at sea without rescue

It feels like land is so far away and I am all alone


How do I get out of here?

How do I reconnect?

How do I restart the mojo?

How do I get up?


I have nothing to go on

I have nothing to lean on

I have nothing to lay on

I have nothing….


I have done it all and still wound up

I have said I have let go but alas

I said I was good yet I don’t know

I am at loss of where to go from here


I don’t know how to make this work

I don’t know how to move on from here

I don’t know how to be alone

I just don’t know


Why is my heart so heavy?

Why do I feel alone?

Why do I wonder where he is?

Why do I feel like this?


How do I make things work and get out alive?

How do I remove the heaviness in my heart?

How does my life reconnect and thrive?

How do I change the way things are?


Can we just walk out and make things work?

Can we make sure we never go back here?

Can we build a solid foundation again?

Can things be the way they were?


I know it cant go back to exactly the same

I know I have to move forward and deal

I know I need to find an outlet and hope

I know things have to change


I am confused Papa

I am adrift on the sea

I am hiding tears and fear

I am worried on the inside


I didn’t even know that is what I am doing

I didn’t even know how deep it goes

I didn’t understand how it is changing me

I didn’t see it


I need the power of the spirit

The enabling of an all able God

The move of love and compassion

The grace tied to the divine

The Simple Life

God In The Midst Of It

You are a breath of fresh air in the smog

You are the sun on a cloudy cold day

You are water on a hot day

You are fresh fruit in winter


Your smile brightened up my day

Your wit made me laugh

Your understanding stole my heart

Your creativity provided insight


Your grace brought peace

Your humour blew my mind

Your wisdom gave me balance

Your insanity make life challenging


Your net worth is in relationship

Your power is in compassion

Your strength is in empowering

Your compassion is supportive


You are more than I would ask for

You are every bit the power I needed

You are my quiet strength

You are the joy in my heart


I could say it is insane but it isn’t

I found an ally, a friend, a challenger

I found honest support and strength

I found power to go on


I found companionship and support

I found deep, hearty laughter

I found inspiration and ignition

I found red hot dreamers fire


I found unrestrained focus

I found unfiltered conversations

I found fearless challenges

I found the ability to change


I found stability

I found strength

I found peace

I found grace


I found God in the middle of it